21 Savage Girlfriend (March, 2023): Dating History, Ex-Girlfriend, Affairs, Wife, Children

21 Savage girlfriend:

Everyone is always excited to know about Savage’s girlfriend, dating history, etc. But like other celebrities, he doesn’t like to publicize his personal life and love life. If you are excited to know about his dating history, this is the right place for you. 

21 Savage
21 Savage, photo credit: Jerritt Clark/ Getty Images

The famous Atlanta rapper Sheyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, commonly known as 21 Savage, is officially single now. But maybe the look of someone in his professional life There is no exact information about this. 

During an interview with Big Facts on October 1, 2020, he said that he was married to his baby’s mom. He has a happy married life, but he regrets revealing the name of his wife. 

21 Savage’s dating history 

Savage doesn’t reveal his relationship now, but he has previously engaged with many ladies. He publicly says that he has not dated any celebrities now. 

He has linked up with many partners, but the most popular relationship is when he dated Amber Rose. Amber also brought a promise ring for him, but after that, they were separated. 

It was rumored that he was dating a lady named Latto in 2022. But they both don’t accept this relationship. In 2019, she dated Shenseea; in 2017–2018, he dated Amber Rose; in 2016, Tommie Lee; and in 2015, Rubi Rose

Recently, he celebrated his birthday in Atlanta. At this birthday party, there is a picture that was revealed with a lady. But Savage never says anything about this lady. It was assumed that he may have dated this lady. But in his Instagram account, no indication shows he is dating someone.

21 Savage’s relationship with Latto 

Both 21 and Alyssa Michelle Stephens, well-known as Latto fans, assumed that they were in a relationship in 2022 after seeing their chemistry. But 21 was denied that he has a celebrity girlfriend. 

21 Savage’s girlfriend Latto, picture credit: @latto

But this rumor was spread after 21 comments on a picture of Latto in which Latto was in a bar in 2021. Arrow was also given a compliment about 21 when he spoke to Apple Music’s Nadeska Alexi. She said that 21 is the running male artist in Atlanta and she is the female artist, and this is the Atlanta chemistry. 

Latto also said that she had been in a relationship for 2 years, and his boyfriend gave her a new Lamborghini Huracan Evo on her birthday. But she never reveals her boyfriend’s name. So their fans assume that they are on a date. But both regret the relationship. although 21 also clarifies that he has not dated a celebrity girlfriend. 

There is a rumor spread by Savage fans that he was dating the Jamaican rapper Shenseea in 2019

Jamaican rapper Shenseea
Shenseea, picture credit: Gabe Ginsberg/ Getty Images

This rumor was spread when the famous rapper 21 was in a live video with an American rapper, Meek Mill, on Instagram, and he was hooking up after seeing Shenseea. 

After that, Savage’s name was dropped in the dance hall, along with Princess, of which Shenseea was also a member. So the rumor spread quickly. But Savage regretted all the allegations about his and Shenseea’s relationship. 

Of all the love rumors, the most famous is about his relationship with Amber Rose. They publicized their relationship in the summer of 2017 and got more public support. They both support each other. 

Amber Rose.
21 Savage with Amber Rose, picture credit: Amanda Edwards/ WireImage

They showed their love sign at the MTV Music Awards, and Rose’s slutwalk in Los Angeles publicly supported her. Even Rose brought a promise ring of $50,000 for Savage, which is designed by IF and Co. The ring contains white diamonds and rubies, and the ring reads “Loyalty 21.”

But after a lot of love and support, they were separated in March 2018. Amber never explained their breakup, but during an interview, she said that she missed her ex-boyfriend.

21 Savage’s relationship with Heather Rose 

There is a rumor that Heather Rose and 21 Savage are going on a date in 2016.

Heather Rose, picture credit: @msheatherrose

But there is no more information about their relationship. And they both never discuss this. 

21 Savage’s relationship with Tommie Lee 

The American rapper Tommie Lee and the Atlanta rapper 21 Savage started dating in May 2016, and their relationship ended on December 2016.

Tommie Lee 
21 Savages girlfriend Tommie Lee, picture credit: Prince Willams/ Getty Images

But they never talk about their relationship, and there is no information about it. So this may be gossip among their fans. 

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21 Savage’s relationship with Rubi Rose 

The famous American rapper Rubi Rose claimed that she and Atlanta rapper 21 are on a date at their younger ages. They started dating in June 2015. But there is no evidence of their relationship. Apart from this, Rubi Rose has relationships with many singers. But now she is focusing only on her career. 

Rubi Rose 
Rubi Rose, picture credit: Prince Willams/ Wire Images

21 Savages’ wife and children 

After a breakup with Amber Rose, he never explained his love life. But during an interview with Big Facts on October 1, 2020, he said that he was married after missing Amber and that he was happy in his married life. But he regretted revealing the name of his wife. 

21 Savage has three kids. Out of them, two are sons and one is a daughter. He first revealed about his children in an episode of Sneaker Shopping with Complex. But he never revealed the name of his baby’s mother. His two sons’ names are Kamari and Ashaad Davis, and her daughter’s name is Rhian Davis. It was assumed by their fans that he would marry his baby’s mother. But he never says anything about this. 

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