Adam Friedland Girlfriend (June, 2023): Dating History, Ex-Girlfriend, Relationships, Wife

Adam Friedland Girlfriend:

Adam Friedland is an American stand-up comedian who after his degree in law started doing stand-up comedy shows around Washington DC. He eventually started working with vox media for two years he also helped run the DIY venue Subterranean A which hosted music artists and stand-up comedy acts; he has performed there quite a few times. He eventually started getting noticed for his different style of comedy known as “alternative performance-oriented comedy”

Adam Friedland

In 2016 he joined Nick Mullen and Stavros halkias in the podcast “cum town” which gained popularity for its controversial content. Presently he is hosting his podcast with producer Nick Mullen “The Adam Friedland Show” which airs on official Amazon music or official Apple music. Adam Friedland also does painting and currently lives in New York City

Adam Friedland wife:

Adam Friedland was the former fiancé of podcaster and actress Dasha Nekrasova, Dasha broke up when someone accused her of cheating on him. Dasha currently has a podcast by the name “red scare” which she runs with her co-podcaster Anna Khachiyan she has been gaining quite the tractions for being associated with the “dirtbag left” type of political show which uses vulgarity to eschew the anti-capitalist view former congressional staffer Simone norman described the show as when mean girls become public leftists.

Adam Friedland Current girlfriend:

Currently no one nows who Adam firedland is dating. Adam keeps posting on twitter claiming to have a girlfiend but never posts a picture of her on any social media platform. Many speculate that Adam does not have a girlfriend and he is only doing it as a “joke” and many also speculated that after his popular show “cum town” he was gay !!! , however Adam has neither confirmed nor denied any of these speculations. We only have to wait and watch now.

This picture was titled with “sorry for all the girlfriend posts recently”


In conclusion we can say that Adam friedland does not have a very flashy dating life, he likes to keep his personal life to himself whenever and wherever he can. Presently we cannot confirm if he actually has a girlfriend or is it all just a sort of “joke” considering he is a stand-up comedian