Amber Mark Net Worth (June, 2023): Earnings, Age, Height, Boyfriend

Amber Mark Net Worth: $1.5 million

Amber Mark net worth is around $1.5 million. Amber Mark is an American singer-songwriter and producer.

Amber Mark Net Worth

She is best known for her nomination for the ‘Best Engineered Album’ at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards and her 1st EP 3:33 am. On January 2022, she released her debut album Three Dimensions Deep.

Amber Mark Net Worth 2023:

Amber Mark net worth is around $1.5 million. She earns mostly from her successful music career. Amber has released two EPs and one studio album now. She has been touring and performing at various music festivals and venues around the world.

Along with her musical career, Amber has also worked as a model. Amber Mark has done modelling work for various brands and publications, including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

Amber Mark Endorsements:

Not much is known about Amber Mark’s brand endorsements if any.

Amber Mark Biography:

Amber Mark was born on 29 December 1993, on a ‘spiritual midwifery farm’ in Summertown, Tennessee that her mother was into. Her father was a musician and is of Jamaican descent, whose name is yet to be revealed. Amber considers her mother was the most important person in her life.

Amber Mark with mother
Amber Mark with her mother Mia Mark,

Her mother is of German descent, named Mia Mark from Kaiserslautern was a painter. She also has an older half-brother and an older sister.

Amber Mark young
A young Amber Mark trying her shot in the music

Amber lived in Munich until she was 3 or 4 with her mother.  They then lived in Miami, New York and eventually moved to a Tibetan monastery at Darjeeling, India when she was 9 so that her mother could study Thangka painting (which is a Tibetan Buddhist form of art) and Buddhism.

Amber Mark mother
Mia Mark, Amber Mark mother

Mark was excited about this move to India because she wasn’t going to be in school, as her mother was going to home-school her. But it ended up being worse because her mother was way stricter than her teachers were. She could sing a lot at the Tibetan Buddhist monastery.

They moved back to Berlin, Germany after 4 years and then again to New York when she was 14, where her godparents legally adopted her so that she could attend high school.

They again moved to Miami, and later Amber moved back to New York City, where she worked at her aunt’s hair salon and later interned at Roc Nation, and was assistant to the office manager Michelle Carter, who happens to be the sister of Jay-Z, who is the founder and a famous American rapper.

Michelle was a regular at her aunt’s salon, later on becoming close friends. Later, Amber was invited to work at Roc Nation by Michelle herself when she asked how can she step into the music industry.

Amber’s love for music started when her mother got her a Bob Marley tape. She liked Bob Marley since any time she would cry, Mia would sing “No Woman. No Cry” to her. Then her mother itself introduced her to Michael Jackson and always played “You Are Not Alone” for her.

Later, Mia bought Amber a guitar, which she taught herself to play. Amber also joined the school choir and that was her first experience with singing and performing. Gradually, Amber decided she should pursue music for life.

Her earlier days were nomadic, with her and her mother moving to and living in different places. Sadly, her mother Mia passed away in 2013, aged 60.

Her mother’s loss formed a major inspiration behind her first EP 3:33 am, with each song representing each stage of grief. “I started writing about what I went through with my mom and the grief I went through. I ended up making the project (3:33 am) about that” says Amber in an interview. The song “Monsoon” from the EP also includes samples of her mother’s voice.

Amber Mark Career:

Amber began writing songs at the age of 14. Mark studied audio engineering at the Institute of Audio Research after high school. Eventually, Amber left Roc Nation and released her debut single S P A C E through Soundcloud in 2016. After this, Amber was starting to get noticed by record labels and other producers.

In 2017, Amber Mark released her first EP 3:33 am, the theme of it being the life she shared closely with her mother and how she coped with her mother’s death, a person she considered to be the most important in her life.

The number 3 has been really common in her life as her mother was born in 1953, her brother was born in 1983 and she was born in 1993. Also, her mom passed away on June 3, at 10:23 pm in 2013 and also, she would see 3s everywhere, explains Amber in an interview, about naming her EP.

It was received with critical acclaim. Amber Mark released her second EP Conexão in 2018. In 2019, she won a nomination for the ‘Best Engineered Album’ at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. Amber Mark also performed at the South by Southwest music festival in 2020. On January 2022, she released her debut album Three Dimensions Deep.

Her music style is multifaceted, a proper mixture of RnB, Soul and Pop. Her music also has significant Indian-Nepalese touch, mainly due to the time she spent there as a child.

Amber Mark Height, Age:

Amber Mark height is 5 feet 10 inches and is aged 28 (as of now)

Not much information is known about her possessions and properties.

Amber Mark Interesting Facts:

  • Amber Mark fully produced her EP 3:33 am on her own. She has also worked with other artists as a producer.
  • Amber has worked with Julian Bunetta, a songwriter who has previously worked with the world-famous boyband One Direction and also the girl band Fifth Harmony.
  • Amber Mark finds inspiration from ‘science and spirituality for the lyrics of her songs.
  • Of all the places she has travelled and lived in, India is her favourite. Amber Mark also told in an interview that she found it difficult to learn to speak Hindi and Nepalese.
  • When she was just 4, Amber got to see the legendary Michael Jackson’s performance, live from the VIP area along with Boris Becker. They weren’t allowed to be seated in the normal seating area, as Amber was too young. But, a generous man at a merchandise table gave them ‘all access’ tickets.