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Anil Kapoor Issues Statement After Indian Air force Objects to AK vs AK Trailer scene

the Indian Air Force (IAF) took to Twitter to criticize Anil Kapoor for wearing an IAF uniform incorrectly in the trailer for his upcoming Netflix film AK vs AK. Now, Kapoor has taken to social media to issue a statement regarding the same.

In a video posted on Twitter Anil Kapoor says, “It has come to my attention that the trailer of my new film AK vs AK has offended some people as I am wearing the Indian Air Force uniform while using unparliamentary language. I would like to sincerely offer my humble apologies for unintentionally hurting anyone’s sentiments”.

Kapoor also explained about why he was wearing that particular uniform.

“I would like to supply some context to hopefully help you understand how things came to me this way. My character is in uniform in the film because he is an actor playing the role of an officer. When he finds out that his daughter has been kidnapped the anger and rage he portrays is that of an emotionally distraught father”.

Anil Kapoor, Actor

Kapoor further says that in order to remain true to the story his character is still wearing the uniform while searching for his daughter. “It was never my intent or the intent of the filmmaker to disrespect the Indian Air Force. I have always had utmost respect and gratitude for the selfless service of all our defence personnel and therefore I truly apologise for unintentionally hurting anyone’s sentiment”.

Netflix also took to Twitter to issue a clarification.

Anil Kapoor Issues Statement After IAF Objects to AK vs AK Trailer
Anil Kapoor Issues Statement After IAF Objects to AK vs AK Trailer

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