Anna Ben Sexual Harassment At Mall

Well-known Malayalam actor Anna Ben is one of the latest voices to speak up against sexual harassment, with her sharing her own story of such a case of harassment on Instagram. She was on a trip to a mall when she was met with this infortunate and scary incident, where she approached by two men. 

 Her debut film was Kumbalangi Nights (2019), in which her performance received positive reviews. She has since starred in Helen (2019) and Kappela (2020). She has won Kerala State Film Award – Special Mention for Helen in 2020

About her debut film Kumbalangi NightsThe Hindu wrote, “she stood out even in the presence of seasoned performers”. She was chosen to play Babymol via an audition for Kumbalangi Nights

Here is what she has revealed about incident

Anna Ben shares her experience of sexual harassment

Anna Ben has written a long note on her Instagram story in which she has spoken up against a rather disturbing experience that she had on her recent visit to a mall. She started her message by talking about two men who walked past her in an aisle that was “generously spaced” in Lulu hypermarket and mentioned that one of the two men grazed his hand on her back. She said that even though she wanted to give them a benefit of doubt, she felt something wrong about the incident.

She also said that she could think of several things that she could have said or done to those men but couldn’t do it at the moment. She confessed about being angry at the fact that those men would have likely walked away without feeling any guilt or fear and that they might try to behave similarly with other women; and the fact that she had to share this incident at a public platform to find relief.

She also gave a word for men who may have behaved in this manner with other women, saying that they are the “lowest form of life” and “don’t deserve anything but hell”. Anna has thus added herself to the list of Indian actors who have spoken against such acts of sexual harassment. 

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