Barbie Movie Budget 2023: Plot, Trailer Review, Cast , Salary, streaming options

Barbie Movie:

Let’s Talk About Barbie (2023) Trailer And Cast Salary Review

Barbie is one of the old Computer animated Film Series since the late 1980s that was later expanded to other productions and media formats. In Recent years, Hollywood has been dominated by large budget superhero movies and franchise sequels. Barbie series has become one of the highest grossing media franchises of all time. The franchise also introduced a large range of branded goods like Books, Comics, video games and many more.

Barbie Movie

In 2020, the release of the live action Barbie movie promises to shake things up. The movie (Barbie) is based on the iconic Barbie Doll that has been an icon since 1959, produced by Mattel Films and Warner Bros. Recently, Barbie (2023) ‘s trailer is released which was previously announced in 2009 by Universal pictures but the development began in April 2014.

Barbie Movie Budget:

Reports says, Barbie Movie has an estimated Budget of $100-150 million.

It shouldn’t be a surprising news for the Hollywood that Barbie comes with a high price tag, with such famous and high-profile cast working in it. According to Certain reports and Industry experts, Barbie ‘s Budget will be in the range of $100 Million-150 Million. The high Budget is due to bring back the Nostalgic and Iconic Barbie along with film’s extensive visual effects that the movie promises.

Barbie Movie Budget

The movie will be a mix of live action and animation with the dolls brought to life by using CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) which quite an expensive process. In addition to the visual effects, Barbie’s budget will also cover costume design, set design, shooting location and the salaries of cast and crew. 

Among the Cast, the lead actress Margot Robbie is the highest paid female actress with US $ 12.5 million for her role in Barbie. Ryan Gosling is also getting US $ 12.5 for playing the role of Ken barbie. Not only this, Will Ferell, who is going to play the Toy Company CEO in the movie has charged an amount of $2 million for his role. As like these casts, many have charged a huge amount for their role in the movie. According to Film makers, 30% of the Film’s budget is spent on cast fees which is really an important one.

Barbie Movie Production:

Was Barbie Movie Trailer a Success for the Production?

Directed by Greta Gerwig, Barbie is an upcoming comedy Movie starring Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken alongside many other supporting casts such as, Noah Baumbach, Emma Mackey, Michael Cera and so on. Barbie Trailer is what Everyone has been waiting for, the visual fairy-tale world with toy’s wearing iconic accessories, perfect pink doll houses, pretty golden hairs and so on. 

Barbie Movie Production

The Trailer starts with an overview of the dreamy Barbieland  with Barbie on the beach in a pink shaded swimsuit where we could also see Ken with many others. We could also see the girl and the boy dolls as a couple where their view for the world is innocent and narrow. They are often seen to dance in large groups and partying together along with casual meetup with their friends. However, Barbie- The main character is seen to live in the real world to experience new things.

In her journey to the real World, Ken accompanied her with his rollerblades on. As compared to the ideal happy world, the real world consists of humans who are not at all perfect like the Dolls. In the trailer, Barbie arrives at a toy company to meet its CEO (Will Farrell) and there everyone is mesmerized by her alluring presence. The short clip actually introduces a perfect world of Barbies and Kens emerges one being who questions the world around her and however works to change it.

Barbie Movie

Many of the Barbie Fans are Quite Excited After watching the Trailer. Some are also curious and captivated by the film’s humour whereas others are probably waiting for the movie out of Nostalgia. However, The Sense of Humour works beautifully on Barbie since it’s a legacy brand. So, it will be Quite Exciting for the Barbie fans to explore more in the Movie. Get ready to Witness Barbie again in Your nearest theatre.

Barbie Star Casts:

Barbie is One of the nostalgic and iconic series that has gain a lot of love and buzz from the fans as like any other series. Recently the trailer has been uploaded and it is found that the Barbie movie has attracted a star-studded cast, with some big names attached to the project. 

Barbie Movie casts

The lead role of Barbie will be played by Margot Robbie, who is best known for her roles in “Suicide Squad”, “The Wolf of Wall Street” and so on. Other cast including, Ryan Gosling is playing the role of Ken who is Barbie’s long time love interest along with the Villain played by Emma Stone. Moreover, Barbie will also feature a supporting cast of talented actors such as Dua Lipa, Simu Liu and Emma Mackey and so on.

Overall, it can be assumed that Barbie will be a major test for the Iconic Brand with such high-profile casts and a significant budget. If the Movie is successful, then it could open the door for more films featuring many more iconic characters. Expectations for the Movie are High, so Let’s see if it can hold its position or not.