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Bhagoda Rahul Vaidya asks Eijaz Khan to shut up : Big boss 14

As for Bigg Boss 14, we have a lot of friends some time enemies some time guys , including Rahul Vaidya and Eijaz Khan. The duo is often seen being in a war of words and passing personal attacks on each other. This time, however, things only got ugly as Eijaz and Rahul were this close to hitting each other. It all starts after Rahul tells Manu Punjabi will Eijaz will understand his words and this is his habit and ‘fitrat’.

This doesn’t go down well with Khan, who says, “Chal na, chodh na Rahul.” In response to him, Rahul fires back saying, “Chup re.” An already annoyed Eijaz asks him to speak respectfully by saying, “Seedha baat kar na.” Eijaz then asks Rahul whom did he ask to shut up, to which Rahul says he told him and won’t keep his mouth shut. The duo then gets on each other and threaten to hit each other. Eijaz’s friend Manu intervenes, while the remaining housemates and advice them to not to get physical inside the house.

In the last episode as well, Rahul and Eijaz locked horns during the duck test. Eijaz went on to call Rahul ‘bhagoda’ for exiting the show midway. Rahul, in his response, says Eijaz to not to show his masculinity on women. Meanwhile, Aly Goni has emerged as the next captain of Bigg Boss 14.

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