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Bhumi Pednekar Durgamati trailer Relased -See the movie on prime Videos

The Durgamati trailer brings Bhumi Pednekar in a never-seen-before avatar. Well,She never has been an IAS officer, possessed by a vengeful spirit. “Waited so long to share this one with you. Our sweat, blood and hardwork,” wrote Bhumi while sharing the Durgamati trailer while Akshay Kumar, who co-produces the film, tweeted: “No one will be spared from her rage!”

the trailer of Durgamati doesn’t STARTS with a direct introduction to Bhumi’s character – former IAS officer Chanchal Chauhan – instead, sets up the storyline. Directed by G Ashok, Durgamati is a remake of the filmmaker’s Tamil horror-thriller Bhaagamathie.

Durgamati Trailer: Bhumi Pednekar  on prime videos

Arshad Warsi opens the Durgamati trailer – he plays a politician named Ishwar Prasad, who has a NEAT AND clean reputation but appears to be involved in mysterious activities otherwise. During his time, priceless statues of deities start vanishing from temples, which prompts Mahie Gill and Jisshu Sengupta, who play police officers, investigate the matter. They bring in Chanchal Chauhan (Bhumi) from jail in order to dig up dust on Ishwar Prasad and place her in the haunted Durgamati Haveli.

Chanchal continues to survive a series of frightful and torturous happenings in the haveli till she opens a Pandora’s Box and is completely possessed by the ghost of Durgamati. She sports a dramatic and intense persona and declares she will not leave until she’s made everyone pay for their deeds.

Watch the trailer of Bhumi Pednekar’s Durgamati here:

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