Bigg Boss 14 : Abhinav Shukla is on fighting spree with house mates including wife

The Bigg Boss 14 episode on Thursday had full on fights, especially with Abhinav Shukla. Not only had he quarelled with Nikki Tamboli, Eijaz Khan and Jasmin Bhasin, he had ugly fights with even actor-wife Rubina Dilaik. The episode began with Nikki creating a furore as she wanted to sleep inside the bedroom. After asking for all of her blankets, Nikki was allowed in as Eijaz felt she had fever and would feel better in bed.

Pavitra Punia, Rubina and Abhinav did not want Nikki to get inside the bedroom. Eijaz and Abhinav even had a verbal spat over the issue but eventually, Nikki was allowed in. However, after going inside Nikki began accumulating her makeup stuff, infuriating Eijaz, Abhinav and Rubina who asked her to leave the sleeping area. Nikki did not want to go and Abhinav shouted at her. Rubina also began yelling and told Eijaz that she wanted Nikki out of the bedroom. Jasmin also yelled at Abhinav and Aly Goni jumped in to ask why Abhinav was dragging Jasmin in it all.

Bigg Boss 14:  Abhinav Shukla fighting spree
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aking a dig at Kavita’s claims of being fair, Nikki asked Kavita, “I want to know will you be fair?” Kavita replied back and told her to avoid fighting. When Abhinav gave quilts and not pillows to the rest of Jasmin’s teammates, Aly told him they’d either get roti or tea in the morning because they refused pillows.

When Nikki refused to step out of the bedroom, Rubina said “four people will carry” her out and Nikki retorted with, “Haath padega (I will beat you up). Abhinav got angry and said, “Haath laga ke dikha (Just try touching her).” Rahul then commented saying, “Yahi bacha tha Nikki ko bolega haath laga k dikha (This was the only thing left – he isnow daring Nikki to touch Rubina!).”

The next day, Abhinav became a human shield and placed himself firmly against the door so that Nikki could not get out of the bedroom and go inside the house again. Nikki was seen pushing the door but to no avail. Rubina, who was irked by Jasmin and Aly attacking Abhinav, lashed out at Jasmin. She blamed her for talking behind her back and being fake with her. Jasmin did take this laying down and declared that their friendship is over. Kavita and Nikki also had another showdown.

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