Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik’s FIR co-star calls her a tigress

Bigg Boss 14 wild card contestant Kavita Kaushik has been making the news with her fiery temper and bold nature. Her co star in the show FIR,Mahika Sharma came out in support of her and called her a ‘tigress’.

Mahika said that the other contestants are like ‘stray dogs coming together and targeting Kavita’, but she is a fighter and will emerge victorious.

In an interview with a film magazine Mahika said, “This time Bigg Boss has come up with the worst casting. I feel apart from Jasmin (Bhasin), Rubina (Dilaik) and Kavita, all are unknown and commoners. Aly (Goni), Eijaz (Khan) and Pavitra (Punia) are known faces but they might be too insecure about Kavita and Rubina’s presence in the house. But I don’t feel bad for Kavita as she is not a bechari. She is a fighter and will rule the house. I don’t really feel eviction happens on vote. As the makers want a love angle, they want to make it full of romance. So, they also might target Kavita.”

Mahika went further ahead to say that Aly was a ‘wonderful guy’ and said that he nominated Kavita for eviction and knows that people support Eijaz over her. “Hence, he is trying to be in good books of Eijaz to be in the show and targeting Kavita. He is not playing with his heart and playing mind games. I see all the contestants as stray dogs coming together and targeting Kavita. But again, she is a tigress. She will keep roaring and rule till the makers don’t plan to evict her,” she said.

Kavita had a loud fight with Eijaz over him claiming that they were friends .Kavita was evicted just a week after entering Bigg Boss 14. She later returned to the show on popular demand.

After her eviction Kavita said to HT correspondent that her exit did not come as a total shock to her. “Somewhere, I knew that I am someone who is more of a heart person and I am very real. In that house, one has to be very calculated, alert and even manipulative. You can’t have a real outburst. When you have a real outburst, anything that comes out of your mouth, one word here and there, can change the whole connotation of a sentence and can totally go against you and your game. It is not that I am shocked,” she said. She added that Eijaz ‘uses people to up his game’ and does not need friends but ‘chamchas (sycophants)’.

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