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Bigg Boss 14 : Rakhi Sawant Pulls Strings of Abhinav Shukla’s Shorts and gets trolled for “cheap tricks “

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Rakhi Sawant has been headline maker due to her acts,words and sometimes for her hilarious antics in the Salman Khan hosted the show. However last few days, the audience of the controversial reality show is getting irritated with Rakhi Sawant for her behavior. She has been after Abhinav Shukla and keeps teasing him on and off. She has been convincing the housemates that she is in love with Abhinav.

Rakhi even said that no one can take Abhinav Shukla away from her. She was seen telling the actor that she loves him so much so that she is ready to become his shadow for the rest of her life. However now, Rubina was irritated and upset with Sawant’s antics towards her husband Abhinav Shukla.

Initially, Sawant’s healthy flirting with Shukla would entertain the housemates and the audience. However, now it seems like everyone including Abhinav and Rubina Dilaik is getting irritated with Rakhi’s behavior as it seems to be crossing her limits.

Another one wrote: “And #RakhiSawant is seriously looking cheap!!!!”.

“Bigg Boss is promoting cheapness and harassment in the name of entertainment. Please take necessary actions #AbhinavShukla #RubinaDilaik #RakhiSawant”, the third one wrote.

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