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Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar written update day 75 : Arshi Khan claims Vikas Gupta wanted to quit

Salman Khan scolded Arshi Khan, as well as everyone else for her fight with Vikas Gupta on Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar episode on Saturday. Vikas was kicked out of the game after he pushed Arshi into the swimming pool after a fight with her. The episode began with contestants naming co-contestants who take stand for important issues. Salman then came and told them that only Nikki Tamboli and Rahul Vaidya were really standing up for what they believe.

Salman also made fun of Aly Goni and Rahul Vaidya when they were talking to each other when Salman was talking. “What were you two talking about? People may even suspect you guys are having an affair. Aly, who came to Bigg Boss for Jasmin and Rahul who has a girlfriend, are now having an affair! Rahul girlfriendhas not responded to his proposal and perhaps she did not respond because she saw this chemistry between Rahul and Aly.” Aly and Rahul laughed and said they did not have an affair and Salman said that there was nothing wrong even if they did.

Next, Salman took up Vikas and Arshi’s case. “Vikas told everyone, for two days, that Arshi was wrong. At last, when Arshi talked about his mom, he did what he thought was right. Whether right or wrong, but that is what I would have done in a similar situation. Everyone watched as this wrong incident happened in the house.”

Salman reprimanded the housemates for being mute spectators and not having supported Vikas against Arshi. Arshi claimed it was Vikas who started it. “He said my father called him to be friends with me. Only then I said I could also say things about his mom. I did not use any wrong words. I just meant that a person who does not respect his own parents should not tell me about my affairs. Please evict me if I used any wrong words. Vikas’s mother needed him but he did not help her.”

When Salman told her that the way she said she could talk about Vikas’s mother seemed threatening. Arshi then revealed, “His mother called and told me that Vikas had asked her to not talk to me. She also told me that Vikas does not take care of her. She needs 50,000 rupees for her medicines etc. Vikas did not take care of her, he even kicked her out of his house and sent her away to Dehradun.” Salman told Arshi that Vikas only mentioned Arshi’s father, for her benefit. It was nothing disrespectful, he added.

Rubina also lashed out at Arshi for cornering Vikas. Arshi even claimed Arshi claimed Vikas had told her that he wanted to quit. “He told me two days ahead of his eviction that he did not want to continue as he did not understand the game and was getting bored,” she said.

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