Bigg Boss 14 written update 23rd December 2020 episode

Day 81
Jasmin tells Abhi that Rahul V is my friend too so I can’t go against him. Abhi says you should have cleared it with me before. Jasmin says I can never play against you, Aly and Rahul V. Abhi says Aly is with Rahul V. Jasmin says then I am supporting you.

Aly takes Abhi’s items. He asks them to not take his personal items.

Bigg Boss 14 written update Day 81

Rakhi takes Vikas’s name to target him.

Vikas tells Rahul V that Aly was physically attacking me.
Rubina asks Abhi why Aly was getting angry? Abhi says he wanted Rahul V to become the captain but I told him that I don’t want him. Rubina says you didn’t put Aly’s sack there, you just eliminated him from the task.

8:30 PM
Bigg Boss says the next time for the balloon ride is Rakhi.
Jasmin asks Nikki whom she will eliminate? Nikki says I don’t think she will take out Vikas. Nikki asks Rakhi to throw her out. Abhi puts Rahul V’s sack. Rahul V brings Abhi’s sack, Jasmin tries to stop him so Rahul takes Nikki’s place and puts Abhi’s sack. Jasmin asks Rakhi to take out Vikas or Nikki. Rahul V says you should take Abhi’s name also. Why are you not taking his name? Jasmin says I am playing with him. I am asking Rakhi if she will take out Vikas or not. Rakhi says he is my brother. Jasmin says then I can put Sonali’s sack. Aly tells her that you don’t need to ask Rakhi anything, she told you that she won’t take out Vikas. Aly asks Nikki to fight with Jasmin. He tells Jasmin that you can play for Abhi but he is not on our side. Jasmin takes Sonali’s sack and puts on the balloon. Rakhi says I have Nikki, Rahul V, Abhi, and Sonali’s sack here. Nikki says take me out. Rahul V asks her to take out Sonali.

Abhi tells Rakhi to use her mind. Nikki says Abhi asked Jasmin to take me out. Please take out Abhi. Aly says he has attacked my friend. Abhi asks Rakhi to listen to Rahul M, he doesn’t want me out. Rakhi says who is the best cook in the house? They all chant for Rakhi. Rakhi says I am not partial to anyone, Sonali is new so I think you all should fight more. Rahul V asks her to not play it safe. Abhi asks her to throw out the person she wants out. Sonali asks her to not do it. Rakhi says okay. Rahul V says Abhi cheated us. Rakhi says I am sorry Abhi. Aly tells Rakhi that he threw me out, we are with you. I was always with you. Rakhi says I am throwing out Nikki as she hasn’t forgiven me. Nikki says I was joking, I have forgiven you. Aly asks Rakhi to be with them.

Rakhi says I am taking out Abhi’s sack. Aly thanks her. Abhi says give a valid reason. Rakhi says Abhi is very strong so I don’t want him to be the captain. Rahul V says I love you. She throws Abhi’s sack in the pool. Aly says why did you throw my sack? I can still play the game. Abhi says I have always supported you in every task. I didn’t put your sack, I told you that Rahul V won’t become the captain. Aly says you know what Rahul is for me. Rubina says we have helped you in every task.

Abhi says I have played for you every single time. Aly says I became the captain last time to save you. I have supported you also, I promised to save you. Abhi says I didn’t put your bag. Rubina says we support you always. Aly says I want Rahul V to become the captain. Rubina says we want Jasmin to become the captain. Rahul V says I have fought for Aly when my back was broken.
Rahul M tells Nikki to take our Rahul V’s bag, do the flip so we have to break their pair. I will save you. Nikki says okay.
Aly tells Abhi that you said that I don’t support you? Abhi says I just told you that I am always on our side, if you wanted to be the captain today then I would be with you but I don’t want Rahul V to be the captain. Aly says you are right at your place. Rahul V says we are going by the plan so it’s okay.

Arshi tells Rakhi that you should have thrown Nikki’s bag. Vikas says yes you should have thrown Nikki’s bag.
Jasmin asks Abhi if Vikas is playing from his side? Abhi says I have no understanding with Vikas. I am playing with you only. Jasmin says you should have waited to throw Aly out later in the game as now he is on Rahul V’s side.
Arshi asks Rubina to give her items bag. Rubina says I didn’t take your personal item at all. Rahul V says sarcastically she is such great person.

9 PM
Rakhi tells Abhi that if I didn’t throw you out then they would target me. They are like bulls. Aly and Rahul V would have gone against me but Abhi is my favorite. He says it’s okay.
Bigg Boss says today’s time of the task has ended.

9:45 PM
Rakhi tells Rubina that if Arshi goes in the balloon then she will throw Vikas’s bag. Rubina says we can talk to Sonali to be on our side. Abhi asks Rakhi to talk to Rahul M and Sonali that you should be the captain. Rakhi says they won’t choose me. Abhi says we have to break Nikki, Rahul V and Jasmin’s group. Rakhi says you are right.

10:30 PM
Rahul V asks Nikki to talk. She says it’s nothing important, she leaves. Arshi asks him to not trust her. Rakhi says you know there is a reason for that. Arshi asks him to not get used to her.

Jasmin asks Abhi why he doesn’t want Rahul V to become the captain? Abhi says I don’t get along with him. Jasmin says I don’t get along with Rubina also. Abhi says you both were friends but broke up. Jasmin says I don’t like her, she starts screaming when it’s on her. She comments on upbringing, education and stuff like that. I told her as a friend that she can be rude. I tried to be friends with her so I tried to talk to her but she started shouting at me, she doesn’t have acceptance at all. I don’t want to talk about her. Abhi looks on.

11:45 PM
Rakhi tells Nikki that I like you, I think they are using you. They will use you by using nice words. I am just telling you this so you can be on the stage at the last.

12 AM
Nikki and Rahul M talk to Rubina. Nikki says you can go on the balloon ride. Rubina says then I will throw Rahul V’s bag. Nikki says Vikas will put his bag on the balloon. Rahul M says he is a nice friend. Rubina says but it’s about captaincy, Jasmin is your friend but she nominated you. Rahul M says I don’t like how they are plotting to make Rahul V be the captain, how can they decide he would be the captain? Nikki says I said that I would support Rahul V but now I will have to flip? Rubina says if you put Rahul V’s bag then I will throw him out.

12:30 AM
Nikki tells Rahul V that in one conversation, Arshi said to not involve new people in the group and you said you know people’s reality. Were you hinting at me? Rahul V says yes. Nikki says I want you to be the captain, I want to trust you. Rahul V says you know about our bond. Nikki says you are changing that bond. Rahul V says I have a bond with Arshi and Rakhi so I can’t leave them. You are pressurizing me to not be her friend. Nikki says I am not saying that, I feel jealousy but I don’t care that she is your friend. Rahul V says she has made me a friend from the heart but I respect you and I will trust you if I want to, nobody can change that.

1:45 AM
Eijaz tells Rahul M that Aly is my younger brother but he is my competitor here. Rahul M says Jasmin talks about Aly like is suprior to us. We will change the game now. Arshi says if I get the chance in the last then I will flip it. Rahul M says throw Rahul V or Jasmin’s bag. Arshi says the person who goes in the last will be the decision-maker.

Day 82
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song mujhko bhi lift karade. They all dance.

9 AM
Nikki says to Rakhi that I don’t like Arshi. She was asking you to throw me out of the task. Rahul V said that he won’t backstab Arshi. He said that I talk to Abhi and he doesn’t like me so if I don’t like Arshi then it doesn’t matter. Rubina says this is so childish. Abhi laughs.

Arshi asks Eijaz why they threw you out first? Eijaz says they are scared of me.

Nikki tells Rahul M that I will make Rahul V the captain, he is my friend. Arshi shouldn’t throw my bag. Nikki says I will not throw Vikas’s bag. Rubina says if Rahul V’s bags are put on four poles then you won’t have the choice.

9:45 AM
Aly tells Arshi that I will throw your bag in the end. Rahul V says we have to think about the last person. He says to throw Vikas out first. Aly says if Rahul V doesn’t become the captain then we should play for Arshi and Jasmin. Arshi says I won’t play for Nikki. Aly tells her that after Jasmin and Rahul, you are my priority.

Vikas asks Nikki why she is not playing for herself? Nikki says I want Rahul V to become the captain. Vikas says then throw my bag out first. Nikki says I will not throw your bag. Vikas says you are playing it like a fool.

1:15 PM
Aly tells Rakhi that people are saying you are playing from both sides. Eijaz says we are hearing it. Rakhi says I don’t agree and I don’t play like a flip, I am not anyone’s puppet. Aly says but you are my friend? She says yes.

1:30 PM
Rakhi tells Nikki that Aly and Arshi are calling me a double flip. Rubina says they also think that I am rude, don’t listen to them. Rakhi says they should themselves first. I am not a double dholki. Nikki says then become a double dholki and show it to them. Arshi says you took our names? Rakhi says Aly and Arshi started this discussion. Aly says I just asked you.

Rakhi says Eijaz also called me that. Arshi agreed to Eijaz. Arshi says don’t lie, I didn’t say anything. Rakhi says I have made everything with Nikki so I am a double dholki? Arshi says very nice. Rakhi says you have said to me that you have no relation here. Arshi says I have said clearly that I am loyal to Aly and Rahul V. Rakhi says you said that Eijaz, Aly and Rahul V are your loyalists. Arshi says I make relationships for life in the shows. Rakhi says then don’t call me double dholki. Eijaz tells her to not feel bad. Rakhi says I am neutral so that is a bad thing? I can’t make a group, I love everyone. Eijaz says we love you.

2:30 PM
Jasmin tells Rahul V that I feel like Vikas would become the captain. Nikki doesn’t want to throw him out. Nikki comes there so Rahul V asks her. Nikki says I will throw Arshi out first. Rahul V says Arshi is playing for me. I want you both in the game till the end. Nikki says if Arshi goes in a balloon then she shouldn’t throw me out. Rahul V says I will talk to her but I want your promise. Nikki says I promised you that I will make you the captain if she doesn’t throw me out.

3 PM
Rahul V talks to Rahul M, Arshi and Sonali. Rahul M says I won’t throw your bag. Sonali says I will not throw your bag.

Abhi tells Rubina that Rahul V said he won’t leave the show if Aly was here, Aly is essential for him, he is scared without Aly. Nikki says they want me to throw Vikas out first but I want to target Arshi.

Vikas tells Rahul V that if you want to throw my bag then throw it but don’t put my bag on the pole.

3:30 PM
Rubina reads that the hot-air balloon task is starting. Jasmin, Rakhi, Arshi, Vikas, Nikki, Sonali, Rahul V and Rahul M are part of the task. Today one inmate will throw two bags and both should belong to separate people. You can’t put a bag of the person who is in the balloon. Vikas laughs.

3:45 PM
Rahul V asks Arshi to give her the item. She says why? Rahul V says for safety. Arshi gives him a hair-band. She says someone took my perfume? Nikki says I don’t need your cheap items. Arshi says I will tear you if you took my perfume. Nikki says you have no self-respect, you get insulted on the weekends so much. Arshi says don’t touch my items, you cheap woman.

4 PM
Rahul V asks Arshi if she will target Nikki? She says yes as she will attack me. Rahul V says she is playing for me so don’t attack her. Aly tells him that Arshi won’t throw Nikki.

Abhi tells Nikki that I will act like giving you strategy and they will go crazy. Nikki says they don’t like that I am talking to you and Rubina.

Arshi tells Rahul V that something will go wrong. Rahul V says then we will have clarity.

4:30 PM
Bigg Boss says the first person to go on the balloon ride is Vikas. Nikki says I will put Rahul M’s bag. She says if I get out in this round then I won’t spare anyone. Rahul V puts Rahul M’s bag. Nikki says I will put Arshi’s bag. Rahul V asks her to wait. Aly tells Arshi to not target Nikki right now. You can target Sonali. Vikas says I need options. Sonali says I will put Nikki’s bag. Rahul M tries to take Sonali’s bag but she fights him. Nikki tries to fight with Sonali to get her bag. Nikki pulls her but Sonali fights with her. Rakhi asks Nikki to not break her hand. Sonali puts Nikki’s stamp on the bag. She gives her bag back so Jasmin takes it. Rahul M tries to put Sonali’s bag but Sonali fights with him. Rahul M says stop, don’t push me. All laugh. Rahul V tells Vikas who should be the second option? Vikas says you should target Jasmin. Rahul V says I am not playing against her. Sonali tries to take her bag from Rakhi. Rakhi gives it up.

Arshi says I don’t want to be the captain so you can put my bag. Rahul V asks Rakhi to put her bag. Rakhi says why are you not putting Arshi’s bag? Arshi tells Rakhi that I will not put your bag. Rakhi says then I will not put your bag also. Nikki tells Rahul V to attack everyone except himself. Rakhi says Rahul V wants to save every relationship. Rahul says I am putting Rakhi, Arshi and Nikki’s bag. Rakhi says done. You are fair. Rahul V says don’t involve me in each other’s fights.

Abhi tells Vikas that why didn’t he throw Arshi out of the task, all are playing for Rahul V. Vikas says I am okay with Rahul V or Rakhi becoming the captain. Abhi says then it’s fine, Rahul V will become the captain now.

5 PM
Bigg Boss says the next person to go on the balloon ride is Nikki. Rahul V asks Rakhi to give her the item. She gives it to him. Rakhi tells Rahul V that I am putting your bag but Nikki won’t take you out. Rahul V asks Arshi if Rakhi can put her bag? She says no, I will give my bag to you in the next round, I don’t want Nikki to throw me out. He says okay. Rakhi puts one sack on the pole. Vikas asks Nikki if she will throw him out? She says no. Vikas says if I don’t put a bag on one pole then the task won’t go on. Aly asks Arshi to participate in the task, it will be an issue on the weekend. Arshi says should I put Vikas’s bag? He says do it.

Nikki tells Rahul V that I can throw your bag. Rahul V says don’t threaten me, do what you want to. Rahul V asks Vikas to put the bag, you are hogging the pole. Vikas says don’t tell me what to do. I will hog this till my sack is not removed from here. Jasmin has put my bag. Aly takes the bag from Vikas and runs away. Aly says Bigg Boss will interrupt me. Arshi says Aly you are out of the task. Aly says I just snatched it. Nikki asks Vikas why he threw her bag? Vikas says because I thought you were playing for me but you are being loyal to Rahul V and will throw my bag.
Aly tells Rahul V that fight with Vikas and put Sonali or Arshi’s bag. Don’t leave that pole. Arshi gives the bag to Rahul V and says I won’t put Vikas’s stamp on it. Rahul V says why are you not putting Vikas’s sack? Bigg Boss tells Aly that we have told you earlier that you can’t help anyone once you are out of the task. You were helping Jasmin so as punishment Jasmin is out of the task. Aly laughs and hugs Jasmin. Bigg Boss says Nikki will throw one bag only.
Rahul V tells Nikki that you keep asking me for friendship. Rahul V asks Arshi to put Vikas’s bag. She says I don’t want to touch Vikas on this matter. Vikas asks her to put his bag. Rakhi asks Arshi to put Vikas’s bag. Vikas tries to snatch his bag from Arshi. She says I will push you away. Arshi asks Rahul V to help her. Rahul V says I promised to not put his bag on the pole. Arshi asks Vikas to give her bag, you get hurt then you will gain sympathy again. Vikas says you were acting like drowning in the pool but the next day, you swimming in the pool.
Rahul V asks Sonali to put Arshi or Vikas’s bag. Sonali asks them to give the items.

She asks Arshi. Arshi says I don’t want Nikki to throw me out. Vikas is trying to snatch the bag from Arshi. Arshi asks Rahul V to put his bag and test Nikki. Rahul V says my bag is already there. Vikas takes the bag from Arshi. She cries in pain, he says sorry, did you get hurt? Arshi says I have more items of Vikas. She goes and takes his item. Vikas says don’t do it. Rahul V asks Arshi to put Vikas’s bag. He asks Vikas to not stop her. Vikas says let me play. Sonali tries to protect Arshi from Vikas.
Abhi tells Nikki that Rahul V’s priority is Aly. Nikki says he is my friend. Abhi says he just uses you for convenience.
Arshi and Sonali are fighting with Vikas.

Vikas asks Arshi to not use my bag. Aly asks Rahul V why you promised Vikas to not put his bag? Why did you listen to him? Arshi asks Eijaz to talk to him. Eijaz asks her to sort her equation.Rakhi tells Rahul V to ask Arshi to put her bag. Rahul V says then I will out in the next round.
Arshi gives the bag to Vikas and goes to the bedroom. She is emotional. Sonali asks her to not to lose strength. Eijaz hugs her.

5:45 PM
Arshi stamps her bag with her name. She gives it to Sonali. Aly asks why are you crying? Arshi says you are all making me look like I am not loyal, you wanted me to put Vikas’s bag. You could have asked Rakhi to put Vikas’s bag. Rakhi says I am putting Rahul V’s bag. Rahul V says Vikas is your friend? Arshi says Vikas is not my friend but you people are putting me with him. Aly says Rakhi is calling Vikas her brother. Rahul V says who did you have the biggest fight with?

Arshi says Vikas. Rahul V says then why were you not putting Vikas’s bag. Rahul M says Arshi is traumatized and doesn’t want anything to do with Vikas. Arshi tells Rahul V that don’t make me fight with Vikas as I will end up saying some words to him. Rahul V says you are not making sense.

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Rubina says she is saying that she doesn’t want to fight with Vikas then fingers will be pointed at her again. Rahul V says I have promised Vikas so I can’t put his bag. Arshi says see this. Rahul V tells Vikas that I am giving your item to Arshi. Aly tells Rahul V that you shouldn’t have promised Vikas. Arshi puts Vikas’s bag, he tries to attack her and hurts her eye. She says sorry. He takes the bag and puts it on the pole, he says play now. He leaves from there. She thanks him. Eijaz tells Aly that Arshi doesn’t want to fight with Vikas, Nikki is not loyal to anyone. The buzzer plays, Nikki throws Arshi’s bag in the pool as she can’t handle herself.

Arshi tells Rahul V that now you trust me? Rahul V says I trust you, I just questioned your decision on Vikas. Arshi says you don’t know about our issue, I promised to make you the captain, you just wanted to see a scene between Vikas and Arshi. Rahul V says Vikas threw Nikki’s bag but she didn’t throw his bag. Arshi says you think Vikas will trust Nikki now? I am sure he would never throw me out. Rahul V asks Nikki why she threw Arshi out? Arshi is supporting me, you should have thrown Vikas out of the task. Nikki says I don’t like Arshi. Rahul V says now Vikas is in the game and is not on my side. Arshi asks Rahul V to remember this. Nikki says I have saved you so don’t blame me. Rahul V says you all dance over my head. Arshi tells Nikki wants to make Vikas the captain. I have put my 3 years of friendship with Vikas at stake for Rahul but Nikki can’t play for Rahul.

PRECAP – Rakhi acts like a ghost has possessed her. She tries to scare Jasmin and says I have been in this place for 200 years. Arshi asks Rakhi if she is fine? She glares at her.
Arshi says I want Vikas to become the captain as I think he is more capable than Rahul V. I am loyal to Rahul V but I don’t think he should become the captain. Rahul V says Vikas is your biggest enemy here.

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