Bigg Boss 14 Written Update December 24, 2020 : Vikas Gupta is The New Captain

Thursday’s episode of Bigg Boss 14 was full of fights and new twists in the existing bonds between the contestants on the show. While Aly Goni and Rahul Mahajan lost their faith and a friend in Arshi Khan, she gained the faith of Vikas Gupta. Vikas was kicked out of the house earlier when he pushed Arshi into the swimming pool after days of heckling from her side. Vikas made a reentry on the show earlier this week.

In this week’s captaincy task, a hot air balloon was placed in the garden area, where all the contestants had to go turn wise and they had to throw away sacks of those contenders in the swimming pool that they wished to remove from this week’s captaincy. Arshi Khan, who was the last contestant to be present in the hot air balloon, decided to throw away Rahul Vaidya’s sack in the pool and voted for Vikas to be this week’s captain. Arshi had earlier promised that she will make Rahul Vaidya this week’s captain but she took a U-turn from her stance.

11:32 PM: Rakhi Sawant is behaving differently and her behaviour is scaring the contestants. Meanwhile, Arshi tries apologising to Rahul for ditching hi during the captaincy task. Rakhi tells Aly and Eijaz that she is Julie and her behaviour petrifies the Tanu Weds Manu actor.

11:18 PM: Arshi Khan tries for patching up with Aly and Rahul but they are evident about not forgiving her. Later, Vikas tries convincing Rahul to make peace with Rakhi and resolve the issue between them. He then works as a mediator between them and succeeds in doing so.

11:05 PM: The day starts with the song Mitwa from Lagaan and later Vikas’ distributes the house duties and it sparks a nasty argument between Rahul Mahajan and Rakhi Sawant. While Rahul loses his calm, Rakhi has a breakdown with Rahul’s ugly remarks. Soon the housemates intervene and tell Rahul that he was wrong about his ‘cheap’ remarks. On the other hand, Jasmin, Vikas, Eijaz tries consoling Rakhi.

11:00 PM: Jasmin and Aly are discussing their bond and the actress states that she doesn’t want to lose him ever. She states that they haven’t seen each other as boyfriend-girlfriend. To this, Aly says that either they will do something big together or will remain as they are.

10:57 PM: Aly is angry with Arshi’s changing stands after he gets to know that Arshi always wanted to make Vikas the captain if given a chance. Arshi tries convincing Vikas about helping Aly if he gets a chance. However, Vikas stated that he will react according to the situation.

10:49 PM: Vikas once again discusses with Arshi about why she made him the captain. She said she believes he can run the house better. She also stated that she wanted to make it up for her behaviour with him earlier. Vikas stated that she has appeared to be a selfish person as she had ditched her friends. Arshi later apologises to Vikas

10:44 PM: Vikas questions Arshi for supporting her but the latter claims that she wanted to improve her image. Arshi continues to defend herself and Rubina, Rakhi, Abhinav supports her, on the other hand, Aly is upset with Arshi’s action. Rubina tries convincing Vikas to make peace with Arshi.

10:41 PM: Arshi claims that Vikas is important to her and she finds him to be a better contestant for being a captain. Much to Rahul’s disappointment, she makes Vikas as the new captain. Rahul is undoubtedly quite miffed with Arshi’s action and Vikas apologises to Rahul for Arshi’s game

10:39 PM: The last contestant to go on the balloon ride is Arshi and she is asked to choose between Rahul and Vikas as the new captain of the house. While Rahul tries convincing her why he has to be the captain, Rubina, Abhinav and Rahul Mahajan tries manipulating her to vote for Vikas.

10:32 PM: The next contestant to go on the balloon ride is Rubina Dilaik. Meanwhile, Rahul, Vikas, Sonali and Rakhi are seen discussing the strategy and the singer convinces the ladies to put their bags and give me him a chance to be a captain. Rubina eliminates Rakhi and Sonali from the captaincy race and Aly is quite happy about it.

10:30 PM: Rahul Vaidya is seen discussing Nikki’s strategy in the captaincy task while the latter is miffed with the singer’s trust on Arshi Khan. On the other hand, Arshi asks Rahul if she will trust Nikki, the Indian Idol singer asks her not to tell him what to do the game.

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