Bigg Boss 14 Written Update:: No evictions this weekend on December 27

9.00 pm: The episode begins with an entry of guests Raveena Tandon and Jacqueline Fernandez who are in the show to celebrate Salman Khan’s birthday.

Both of them begin their fun chit chat on stage only to be interrupted by Salman . Thereafter, he greets the audience as usual. They shared some great stroies to mark the actor’s birthday. Post that, the three of them play a fun game as to who knows the Bigg Boss 14 host the best.

9.15 pm: Raveena and Jacqueline perform yet another task in which the actresses have to do each other’s hook steps. Post that, the housemates put up a special performance for the superstar’s birthday. After that, everyone sings along as Salman cuts the cake. The two actresses take leave from the show after the same. 

9.25 pm: Salman starts taking hold of all the housemates. He then shows them a video made by a popular social media influencer that leaves everyone in splits. Eijaz then asks the reason behind not being allowed to perform for the superstar’s birthday along with others. Salman then allows him and new entrant Sonali Phogat to perform for him on the song ‘Mashallah.’ 

9.30 pm:

Salman Khan asks the housemates if any of them have gone out on the road and raised slogans. Rakhi answers that she has done the same. Post that, the actor gives them a task related to the same. The task begins with Nikki raising a slogan against Aly while giving the reason that he irritates and teases her at times. That is followed by Rubina and Rahul Vaidya and both of them raise slogans against Eijaz Khan.

9.40 pm: Jasmin is the next one to perform the task and she raises a slogan against Vikas Gupta while alleging that he is a ‘nalla’ captain. Next is Abhinav who also takes Eijaz’s name in this regard. Post that, Rakhi Sawant raises a slogan against Rahul Mahajan stating that there is a lack of entertainment in him. The latter takes her name in return when his turn comes next. Sonali then raises her slogan against Rakhi.

9.45 pm: Aly gets his turn of revenge as he takes Nikki’s name during the task. Vikas Gupta next takes Rahul Mahajan’s name in his slogan. Arshi Khan raises a slogan against Rahul Vaidya. The next to go is Eijaz who also takes Vikas Gupta’s name and calls him a ‘phattu.’ 

9.50 pm: Arshi and Vikas have a discussion on how some of the housemates took his name regarding the task. After that, Rahul Vaidya scolds her for taking his name during the task.

However, she laughs it out and so does Rahul. Meanwhile, Nikki and Vikas have a discussion about the housemates. Later on, Arshi steals coffee and is helped by Abhinav and others.

9.50 pm: Shehnaaz Gill enters the stage and wishes Salman Khan on his birthday. She also performs a romantic dance number for him. This is followed by famous choreographer Dharmesh’s entry on stage. After that, they greet the housemates and give them a task to perform a hook step. 

9.59 pm: The housemates are given yet another task in which they have to name that one person who is a dhabba (stain) in the name of entertainment.

Aly takes Nikki’s name while Jasmin takes Rahul Mahajan’s name. This is followed by Rakhi Sawant who also takes Rahul Mahajan’s name. Post that, Rahul Vaidya takes Abhinav’s name. Nikki takes Arshi’s name in this regard. This is followed by Sonali who takes Vikas Gupta’s name and so does Rubina. Vikas then takes Rahul Mahajan’s name.

10.05 pm: Arshi Khan, on the obvious front, takes Vikas’ name and so does Rahul Mahajan. Eijaz Khan is the next who takes Nikki’s name. Next, all the nominated housemates are given a task to find out who among them has been eliminated.

The twist here is that Eijaz, Abhinav, and Rahul Mahajan are safe given that it’s Salman Khan’s birthday including Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Later on, Eijaz and Rahul Vaidya discuss Eijaz Khan’s game. 

Later on, Vikas Gupta wants back his coffee from Arshi Khan. Later on, she goes and tries to bother him as he tries to sleep. This leaves him angry and he slams her. The housemates then discuss the same. The situation worsens when Vikas bursts out at Arshi. He breaks down later on and Sonali tries to console him. 

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