Bigg Boss 14 Written Update -Top 10 actions on February 1

  1. Rakhi prays for her mother’s health. She also informs Ritesh asking him not to stress after having watched the videos.
  2.  Aly and Rahul try to make Arshi angry by saying that Rakhi should reach the finale. Arshi goes inside and speaks to others about the same Devoleena confimrs the same to Aly and Rahul and states that Arshi told the opposite to Rakhi. Aly clarifies things with Rakhi in front of Arshi. Arshi questions Aly about his game. She then gets into a verbal spat with Devoleena
  3. Arshi and Devoleena clear things regarding what Aly and Rahul discussed about Rahul earlier.Rakhi, Rahul, Aly, and others have a conversation while Arshi tries interrupting them.
  4. Aly accuses Arshi of instigating him but she jokes about it instead. Devoleena gives massage to Aly instead of Arshi and he indirectly takes a jibe at her over the same.The housemates wake up and dance to the tunes of a song.Rahul and Arshi get into a fight in the kitchen. He calls her an ‘idol’ of negativity.
  5. Arshi confronts Rakhi over not defending her during fights. She talks about the names that Rahul called her. The latter says that she thought Rahul was simply joking about it. Arshi breaks down talking about the same. Meanwhile, Rahul mimics her and jokes about it. Rubina tries explaining things to Arshi. She tells Rubi and Abhinav that she has stopped taunting them as they might not like it.
  6. Arshi warns Rahul and Devoleena not to speak ill of her. She says that Rahul should know how to respect women. She asks him the reason behind asking people not to make their children like Arshi Khan. Rahul then slams her stating that she will keep on taking a jibe at the others as Vikas is not in the house anymore.
  7. Arshi and Nikki complain about a bottle filled with biscuits stating that it’s a rule-breaking thing. She throws it off but is confronted by Rubina and others over the same.
  1. Rahul asks Rakhi if Arshi said she will back her during the fight. She agrees to the same. Nikki then confronts Arshi and asks her the reason behind telling Rakhi that she threw away the food.
  2. NiKKI tells to Rahul that Rubina and Abhinav got angry when she started playing independently. Meanwhile, Rakhi keeps dramatizing about her greed for cream rolls. Rahul tries explaining her things but Arshi interrupts in between and takes a jibe at them. Rakhi and Rahul talk about how Rubina slammed Sonali earlier for throwing off food. Later on, Rakhi breaks down.Nikki asks Rakhi if her Saree looks fine. When she goes away, Rakhi bursts out at her for throwing off the food earlier.

Abhinav talks to Arshi about the others’ game. Meanwhile, Rakhi talks to herself about why she gave immunity to Abhinav earlier. Rubina and Nikki also try to sort out their issues.

Bigg Boss informs the contestants that it’s time for the nominations. Bigg boss says that all of them have been nominated. However, they are given a task as a result of which one among them might be saved. It’s related to a magical book inside a library. The housemates will face two options inside the same. They will have to agree or disagree with the names of those who are written in the book. The one whose name remains in the book will be saved from nominations.

All the housemates talk about whatever will happen amid the nominations.Arshi tries speaking to Aly but he refuses to pay attention to her. Meanwhile, Abhinav and Rubina have a discussion about Rahul.

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