Sonu Sood a real life hero in corona aid

Sonu sood has played a on screen viallain role in so many movies but this corona crisis has shown his gold of heart in real life.

Many people are trying to help the migrant workers at their level. But when you see somoene someone with heart and soul your heart starts beating a bit more . You might not have really been a great fan of his on screen roles.

But This act of Sonu sood has won many fans for Sonu for lifetime. The writer of this article is just one of them

Thanks Sonu for being a normal citizen than being a star in real life MOVIE .

Bollywood actors wish their mothers on mothers day

Bollywood actors are sharing their pictures of their mother and them on this mothers day .

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood was very close to his Mother Saroj Sood. She passed away on October 13, 2007. Sonu gives all the credit for his success to his mother .

on this occasion he said to one of the media houses ” I feel there can’t be one single day where you can celebrate Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day I celebrate all 365 days because mother is the most precious thing that God has gifted to any individual and there can’t be one day which can define how special mothers are to their sons, to their kids”

Meanwhile bollywood superstar akshay kumar also posted his picture wth his mother on twitter with the below message

Even in this day and age, you’re the only one whose one hand on my head can comfort me in troubled times because I know there’s nothing I can’t do with your blessings maa. Happy #MothersDay

Varun Dhawan shared a wonderful throwback picture of him, his mother printed on a photo coffee mug

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