Chaos Walking set to release in 2021

Lionsgate is scheduled to release “Chaos Walking” on 2021. Chaos Walking science-fiction tentpole set for release in theaters is oct 2021” the film is an adaptation of Patrick Ness’ 2008 novel “The Knife of Never Letting Go” that has gone through multiple scripts from the likes of Charlie Kaufman and “The Blind Side” filmmaker John Lee Hancock. The film has Stars including Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley,

Set in the near future, “Chaos Walking” stars as Tom Holland as Todd Hewitt, a young man living on the distant planed. Todd is raised to believe that a pathogen has killed all the world’s female population and unleashed a special ability called Noise that allows people to hear the minds of humans and animals.

Todd is thrust into an adventure after he stumbles upon a patch of silence and meets Viola Eade (Ridley), a woman without Noise who is the key to unlocking secrets for the New World.

Watch the official trailer for the science-fiction epic in the video below.

The road to release for “Chaos Walking” has been a long and turbulent one. Robert Zemeckis was originally tapped to direct the movie in 2013 off a script he liked from Kaufman.

Production began in 2017 and Lionsgate set a March 1, 2019 release date, an opening that got pushed back when major reshoots had to be scheduled for 2018.

Liman has assembled a strong ensemble cast around Holland and Ridley, both of whom could be getting a second major film franchise outside of their work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and “Star Wars,” respectively. The supporting cast includes Mads Mikkelsen, Demián Bichir, Kurt Sutter, Nick Jonas, Cynthia Erivo, and David Oyelowo.

By 2019, news got out that an early cut of the $100 million tentpole was deemed “unreleasable” by Lionsgate executives. More reshoots were needed to salvage the movie and a 2021 release was set.

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