Chitrangda Singh says she still has memories of being called dusky complexion

Chitrangda Singh has been vocal about the general obsession that a vast section of Indians have with fair skin. Some time ago, the actress even took to social media to express that she’s ‘brown n happy’.

Photo Credit wikimedia / commons

In an interview with Bombay Times, Chitrangda remembers the stigma she faced over her skin colour while growing up. “I know the feeling of living life as a girl with dusky complexion. This is not something that people will say directly to your face. You can only sense it. I have been through the biases, especially while growing up in the north. So, with my post, I just wanted to say that one needs to feel beautiful in their own skin,” she says.

Chitrangda has lived across various regions in India, including Rajasthan, UP and Delhi before she came to Mumbai. Ask her if she faced discrimination owing to her skin colour when she ventured into showbiz, and she is quick to add, “I did lose out on modelling assignments.

The actress, whose last release was the Saif Ali Khan-starrer Baazaar, will next be seen in Bob Biswas, which is a thriller. The film also features Abhishek Bachchan, about whom she says, “He is a walking encyclopedia. I had no idea he is so knowledgeable and well-informed. It is so much fun working with him.”

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