Clair Rosinkranz Net Worth (June, 2023): Boyfriend, House, Age, Height, Biography

Clair Rosinkranz Net Worth: $500 Thousands (approx.)

Clair Rosinkranz Net Worth is around $500 Thousands. Claire Rosinkranz is a rising music artist and a famous TikTok star.

Born in Southern- California, she has been making music for quite some time now.

She rose to fame after her single ‘Backyard Boy’ went viral. Ever since then, she has been a pretty well-known influencer. She is more widely recognized amongst the younger generations, especially gen Z. 

Not only this but also her fashion style and aesthetic are very adored and appreciated by her fans. At the age of mere 18 years old, she has made quite the name for herself. And she continues to grow. 

Clair Rosinkranz income Sources:


Claire earns the majority of her income is earned via her music. She uploads her music on all the major streaming platforms, for instance, Spotify, youtube music, apple music, etc.

Claire is insanely active on her social media as well, where she promotes her music.

She has over four million monthly listeners on Spotify. Her song ‘Backyard Boy’ has reached almost 200 million plays on Spotify. And that’s just about Spotify. She has a great deal of following and steaming on other platforms as well.

She has several Youtube music videos for her songs and has earned a lot of views over there as well! She is now about to hit 300K subscribers on YouTube! She also has performed live in front of an audience and has toured around America for the same. The sale of the tickets for these concerts went well and the concerts are always a success.

Her being young and belonging to the Gen Z era, has a great potential of being the next pop star if she continues to produce good music and attract the younger audience among whom this kind of music is trending. 

Social Media

Tiktok, the platform that basically launched her career, is the app that pays well too. She posts 30-second videos about her music, lifestyle, and promotions. This content has helped her reach one million fans on TikTok and over 18 million likes! That amount, although not impossible, is very good, given that she doesn’t post very often.

She reposts the same videos on Instagram through reels and on youtube via youtube shorts, this is done so that people who do not use TikTok can also watch her short videos and get to know her better.

(a glimpse from her music video ‘Backyard Boy’ )

 No sponsorship or promotions of brand advertisements are seen on any of her social media platforms. She uses them to promote her music as well s to share her lifestyle, fashion style, and cute pictures from her concert with her fans.


She collaborated with Jeremy Zucker to produce a remix of the song ‘Backyard Boy’. Even that remix has received over 30 million plays on Spotify As of now, she has not collaborated with many artists.

However, her music has been featured in Hollywood as well. Her song ‘dont miss me’ was the original soundtrack of the new Hollywood book adaptation rom-com, ‘The Hating Game’. 

Clair Rosinkranz Houses and Cars:

Being only 18, Claire has just started her career. It is obviously not possible for her to have a house or car of her own.

She currently lives at her parent’s house and produces her music with her father. She plans on focusing on her career before she starts living independently. 

Clair Rosinkranz Biography

Born on 2nd January 2004, the 18 years old singer has always loved music. She started playing music when she was only eight years old.

Height5’8 feet or 172 inches
Weight125 pounds
Age18 years, 2nd Jan, 2004
Hair colorStrawberry Blonde
Eye ColourAqua Blue
(her memories with her father, posted on her instagram)

Her father loved music, and he often inspired her to sing and play instruments as well. Since she was raised in Southern California, she was exposed to pop culture, Hollywood, and all the major trends throughout the years, this automatically gave her some training before she stepped into the music industry.

When the pandemic began, she got more time to work on her talent and produce music, she started making short videos on TikTok, promoting her songs. That’s when her singles started going viral.

Clair Rosinkranz Net Worth Summary:

Since she is only 18, and her career has just begun, there is a lot more that we can expect from her. As of now, she only has only released singles which have been doing pretty great by themselves. Although she has not released any albums yet, she has promised in several interviews that she soon might. Even after having her song played as a soundtrack in the new Hollywood rom-com, the hating game, we do hope she comes up with an official album of her own. We just can’t wait to see what she does next but we wish her all the best.

Clair Rosinkranz Boyfriend

As of now, she doesn’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Neither has she been spotted with anyone in the public. She is only 18 and has said that she is going to focus on her career for now. She has mentioned in several interviews that she wants to keep that side of her life private and we respect her boundaries.

However, she is very close to her family, especially with her dad. As mentioned before, she makes music with her father and he has supported her in her entire career.

(a picture of her vibing with her father)

Not only this, but she has tons of friends as well. She often shares pictures of her friends on her Instagram and features them on her TikToks as well.


(a picture of her vibing with her father)

Clair Rosinkranz Interesting Facts

  1. She plays several musical instruments such as electric guitar, piano, etc
  2. She wanted to pursue a career in music since she was a child and her family has been very supportive about it.
  3. She is a complete dog person and she adores them
  4. She has a funny personality, adored by her fans
  5. She has many close friends and she loves spending time with them, she often posts about them
  6. She is insanely active on all her social media platforms.