Dan Bilzerian Girlfriend (June, 2023): Dating History, Ex-Girlfriend, Relationships, Wife

Dan Bilzerian Life History:

Daniel Brandon Bilzerian is also known as Dan Bilzerian. Dan Bilzerian is a famous Armenian-American poker player and he is also a businessman. Dan Bilzerian was born in December 7, 1980 in Tampa, Florida. Dan Bilzerian studied for four years at the University of Florida under the course Business and Criminology but he dropped out of college to develop his career as a professional poker.

Dan Bilzerian Girlfriend

In 2008 Dan Bilzerian played the World Series of Poker Main Event and he successfully gained the 180th place. This celebrity has several controversies in his career.

In August 2014, Dan Bilzerian was banned from a Miami nightclub for kicking model Vanessa Castano in the face. Dan Bilzerian stated that Castano and a another women misbehaved with his female companion.

Also in 2014 Dan Bilzerian was involved in a legal matter with Janice Griffith, who is a  pornographic actress. They were present together for a photo shoot for a magazine. During that time it was said that Dan Bilzerian pushed Janice Griffith from the top of the roof to the pool but due to hard luck, she was hit by the edge of the pool.

Dan Bilzerian Ex-Girlfriend: Sofia Bevarly

Everyone is always curious to know about the personal life, love life, dating, ex-girlfriend  of Dan Bilzerian. Everyone has different assumptions and rummer going in their mind.

Sofia bevarly is a well known official girl friend of Dan Bilzerian. Reports says that they have started dating from 2017 June. They met initially in a marquee pool party and got love on their first sight. Approximately they have dated up-to 8 months and have committed to end their relationship. Dan Bilzerian has uploaded many instagram pictures with her but after their breakup , he has deleted the most of it but he has left few photos as such in instagram.

Dan Bilzerian Girlfriend

Dan Bilzerian Relationships: Hannah Palmer

After Sofia bevarly it was reported that Hannah Palmer and Dan Bilzerian dated in 2018. Some says this as real and some says this as rumors. They were started seeing as couples in many occasions . However this is not an official relationship but it is also considered as a rummer.

Dan Bilzerian Relationships


Sources says that Dan Bilzerian has dated Lauren Blake in 2016. They were seen united in places such as Milan. But they got separated within a short span of two months.

Dan Bilzerian Dating History:

Dan Bilzerian Past Girlfriend: Linsey Pelas

 In an interview Linsey Pelas itself said that they have relationship.  Linsey Pelas and Dan Bilzerian met in a halo ween party held in the playboy mansion. It is also said to be as this incident happened when Linsey Pelas visited Los angel es. “We hung out all night, and I remember, when we went back to his place – it was the first time I’d ever been in, like, I think it was a Rolls Royce, and there was like a zebra rug on the floor, like, something outrageous, and I was, like, ‘What the f*** is this?” recalled Linsey Pelas.

Dan Bilzerian Dating History

Also when questioned about Dan Bilzerian extravagant lifestyle she said,, “Hanging out with Dan came with many perks, but it was 100 percent real; his lifestyle was real. It was so interesting that the first time we met, I came home and wrote the entire story down. I had ten pages of ‘when I met Dan Bilzerian’ because it was the wildest night and just situation. But no, that’s 100 percent his life, which is fascinating.”


In mid-2018, Dan Bilzerian and Suelyn Medeiros were seen together after ending their relationship with Palmer. Their public appearances together were numerous, and they were seen having breakfast at La Piazza in Armenia. Despite dating for only two months, both parties did not disclose how they met.


In contrast to other girls Bilzerian had dated, Katie Bell first contacted him and sent him photos. As Bilzerian praised Bell’s beauty, he invited her to LA to meet him. In addition to appearing in many of Bilzerian’s Instagram posts, they soon started dating. A little more than a year has passed since they parted ways in the fall of 2019. The popularity of Bell can be credited to Bilzerian even though they are no longer together


Love is a magic that can happen many times in an individual person. It’s a common thing which each and every individual have. People may like some characters at the beginning and dislike at the end. The only thing each and every individual do is to enjoy the present moment and not to stick at the past.

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