Ezekiel Elliott Girlfriend 2023: Dating History, Ex-Girlfriend, Relationships, Wife

Ezekiel Elliott Girlfriend

Everyone is also excited to know about Elliott’s girlfriend. But like other celebrities, he doesn’t explain his personal life information publicly.

Ezekiel Elliott
(Picture of Ezekiel Elliott, Photo Credit: Thearon w. Henderson / Getty Images)

But after trying to keep his personal life secret, there is a rumor that he is currently datingHalleWoodard, which spread after his mother Dawn Elliott posted a picture of them with a caption wishing Halle a happy birthday.

But Elliott and Halle never accept their relationship publicly. Even Elliott never posts any pictures that indicate that he is in a relationship. This couple was never spotted together, and there are no posts of the couple on their official Instagram accounts. 

Ezekiel Elliott’s Dating History:

According to some sources, Elliott previously had a relationship with Tiffany Thompson, who alleged that Elliott had engaged in physical and mental harassment toward her. And for investigation, she prompted the NFL. 

Before that, Elliott never had a criminal record. After finding much evidence against Ellicott, a warranty was written against him.

There is also a rumor spreading that Elliott has an ex-girlfriend, Leanne Hurstem, whom he dated before Tiffany Thompson in 2015. But actually, they were good childhood friends. 

Ezekiel Elliott girlfriend: Halle Woodard 

This American famous running back football player, commonly known as a “Cowboy,” is currently dating a gorgeous lady named Halle Woodard, who is an Aesthetic Nurse Injector. But this is a rumor spread by some of his fans after seeing his mother Dawn Elliott’sInstagram post with Halle. 

Ezekiel Elliott's girlfriend- Halle Woodard 
(Picture of Halle Woodard with Elliott’s mother Dawn Woodard, Picture Credit: @dawnelliott)

According to some sources, Woodard first met Elliott’s mother during the suspension of his six-game season, and from that, a strong bond was created between Halle and Elliott’s mother. Dawn and Dawn wished a happy birthday to Halle through her Instagram post. She always posts some pictures of an event with Halle, which indicates that Elliot and Halle are in a relationship.

But they are never seen together, and there are no posts of the couple on their Instagram account. They both like to keep their relationship away from the public. According to some sources, they have been in a relationship since 2017. As they keep their relationship away from social media, there is no information on how they met or proposed to each other.

Ezekiel Elliott,Woodard’s: Ex Girlfriend

This most popular couple started dating in 2017. Their love life was not simple. There are many obstacles in their relationship. But they are still together. 

Ezekiel Elliott Girlfriend
(Picture of Ezekiel Elliott with Halle Woodard, Photo Credit: @dawnelliott)

Due to some misunderstanding between them, they have taken a break for a few months and unfollowed each other on their social media accounts. 

During their love life, Elliott has heard many rumors about cheating, but Woodard also supports him continuously. Not only does Halle support her boyfriend, but Elliott also stands as a supportive pillar beside her. 

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As Halle and Elliott is married?

No, this couple is not married; they date each other. And they are committed to marrying each other and not planning for marriage yet.

But there is a rumor that they are secretly engaged. But the information may be true or false. But they never explain their engagement, and there is no news about that.

Ezekiel Elliott’s love rumors

During and before the relationship with Halle, Elliot had many love rumors, which was the main reason for the ups and downs of their relationship. 

Ezekiel Elliott Ex Girlfriend: Tiffany Thompson

One of the main sources of his love rumor is Tiffany Thompson, who is well-known as his ex-girlfriend. She lives in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, near Columbus, and works at a nightclub there. 

Tiffany Thompson

In 2016, Tiffany alleged that  was harassing her mentally and physically. She also makes police complaints against Elliott for domestic violence. 

She also argued that Elliott attacked her when she was sitting in her car’s driver’s seat and posted some pictures of her injury.

Due to the complaint, Elliott’s driving license was suspended, but he was not arrested because of some witnesses. 

Tiffany also threatened Elliott that she would spoil his career. After these complaints, Elliott announced publicly that they were not in a relationship and that the injuries that occurred in Tiffany’s body were due to fighting in the bar, not the attack in the car. He also said that Tiffany was not his girlfriend; she was just a girl having sex with him during the interview with TMZ

But the NFL investigation team gives different conclusion, saying that Elliott was committed to marriage to Tiffany and attacked her three times, and he was suspended for six games in 2017. 


The first time Elliott attacked Tiffany, it was on July 17, 2016 at Canvasback Lane Apartments in Columbus, Ohio. And due to the physical force used by Elliott, she was injured in her arm, neck, and shoulder. 


The second time, Tiffany was attacked by Elliott on July 19, 2016 at the other side of Canvasback Lane apartment in Columbus, Ohio, by which she was injured in the face, arms, wrists, and hands due to physical force. 


The third time, she was attacked by Elliott on July 21, 2016 at the Canvasback Lane apartment in Columbus, Ohio, during which she was injured in her hips, neck, arms, and face due to physical force. 

In the last Tiffany breakup with Elliott, she said that the relationship was toxic for her, and the news was spread rapidly all over the world. 

Ezekiel Elliott Ex Girlfriend: Leanne Hurstem 

Another part of Elliott’s love rumor was Leanne Hurstem, which spread in 2015. But in reality, Leanne and Elliott have had a good friendship since childhood, and the rumor was spread because Elliott wished her on her birthday. 

Ezekiel Elliott Ex Girlfriend

Despite these love rumors, this beautiful couple, Elliott and Woodard, are still together, with better understanding and love. 

Leanne Hursterm and the infamous footballer met while attending John Burroughs High School in St. Louis.They also  attended a prom or a special dance party as they were photographed n a dress and tuxedo.

He caused a lot of rumors in 2015 when he referred to her as his wife and best friend. Many of his fans turned to the internet to look for information about his personal life, which was only a show of his affection and friendship for her.

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