Interesting facts about Babil Irfaan khan

facts about Babil Irfaan khan

Babil is studying in the University of London. He had returned to India just two days before the lockdown was announced. Had he not come at that time, he would have missed the funeral of his father.

Irrfan Khan has breathed his last on 29th April 2020 at Kokilaben Hospital. Babil along with his mother Sutapa and younger brother Ayan was present there.

Babil Khan, son of actor Irrfan Khan, hopes to win awards like his late father. See his video here.

Sharing it, he wrote on Instagram: “Makin space for mine hopefully?” It was followed by a fingers crossed emoji. The video shows four trophies kept on a shelf. In the centre of it is an empty space. A person’s hand (presumably Babil’s) is visible as someone is seen tapping at the centre point.

Late actor Irrfan Khan’s son, Babil, has shared glimpses of his mother Sutapa Sikdar’s farmhouse. Irrfan died last year after a two-year battle with neuroendocrine tumour.

In 2017, he debuted as a camera assistant in the Bollywood film ‘quarib quarin single’

He has a keen interest in photography and he loves to play guitar

He loved his father more than anything anyone else and was totally in awe of Irfaan khan personality.

Babil also shared the handwriting of Irfaan Khan

Babil Khan is in his early 20s and did schooling from Mumbai. He is studying in london.

His mother Sutapa Sikdar is a dialogue writer.

Babil revealed to his fans that his father IRFAAN khan was not too much a believer in celebrating birthdays and contractual marriage also was not ok for Irfaan. Here is what babil posted on instagram ” You never identified with institutions such as contractual marriage and birthday celebrations.

Top 10 interesting facts about Babil Khan

Perhaps, that is why I don’t remember anyone’s birthdays because you never remembered mine and never encouraged me to remember yours. It was just normal to us what seemed absurd from the outside, we celebrated everyday (bringing personal experiential authenticity to the cliche). On the occasion, Mamma would have to remind us both; but this time I could not forget yours if I tried.
It’s your birthday Baba. Shoutout to all the technologically inept parents, notice that they did not finish saying that they miss me.

Ifran khan was a funny guy with a knack of playing prank with his kids .This is what Babil had to write about his father.

Baba used to think it was still very funny to record videos when he said he’d take a picture, and Ayaan was always the last one to realise it. Familia.

Babil misses his father a lot and hopes to see him on the other side of life .

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