Gordon Ryan Girlfriend: Dating, Husband and Affairs

Gordon Ryan Girlfriend: Nathalia Santoro

Nathalia Santoro is a bodybuilder, fitness model, and BJJ competitor. Are They Married?

Nathalia Santoro was a Brazilian fitness model, bodybuilder, and purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu from John Danaher and well-known as the girlfriend of American famous grappler Gordon Ryan. They both are members of DDS. According to some sources, they’re dating together since 2016.

Gordon Ryan Girlfriend

How do Ryan and Santoro meet together?

Gordon Ryan met Santoro after knowing that she was his half-sister, at that time Santoro started her training at Renzo Gracie’s HQ in Manhattan. And after that, they started dating together.

They also go on some trips and travel to New York, New Jersey, Texas, and other cities, and the pictures of them are uploaded by Santoro on her official Instagram account HeyySonny.

In some interviews, Ryan joked that they are siblings. Santoro was the half-sister of Ryan and she was adopted by Ryan’s parents in 2016.

Despite all these things they have good chemistry and understanding and spent many years together. They also like to live together rest of their life.

Who is Nathalia Santoro?

Santoro was also a bodybuilder, a famous personality on social media, and a Brazilian fitness model.

Born27 February, 1998
Weight135 Ibs
TeamDanaher Death Squad
RanksPurple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
BoyfriendGordon Ryan
Net Worth$500,000

Furthermore, she is well-known for her purple belt in the BBJ competition and the second woman who receive a brown belt from John Danaher. World’s best coach John Danaher is her teacher and the best no-gi grappler is her partner. During

The time living in Brazil, she had an interest in different sports and she likes to play soccer. Before replacing in New York she takes part in many bodybuilding competitions and won many championships like Mr fitness, Miss Brazil, Garota São Paulo, etc.

Nathalia Santoro’s biography

Nathalia Santoro was born on 27 February 1997, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and she is currently 25 years old. She was raised by her mother who works as a nurse. At the age of 14, she started her workout, and then she gets motivated by her brother who is also a bodybuilder. Then she started her training and take part in different competitions. She originally belongs from São Paulo, Brazil and currently lives in New York with her partner Gordon Ryan.

Santoro was famous for her Instagram account Heyysonny which has numerous followers worldwide. They always post pictures of themselves and their partner Ryan. She also posts her workout videos, diet chats, etc. on social media. She has 1.4 million followers on Instagram. Her post is beyond Instagram rules and regulations so several accounts of Santoro were banned.

Nathalia Santoro’s career

Santoro was well-known after posting her pictures and videos on social media. After that, she had more than 1.4 million viewers on her Instagram.

In computation with her work fitness model and BJJ competitor, she is also an endorsed player and brand ambassador of many brands and fitness companies.

BJJ competitor

Like Gordon Ryan and John Danaher Nathalia Santoro was also a member of DJJ and trained in Nogi Jiu Jitsu spite taking part in competitions.

World’s best coach John Danaher is her teacher and the best no-gi grappler is her partner.

Santoro was promoted to purple belt and then he was promoted to brown belt. At first, she competes in several Kasai Grappling events. Now she competes in BJJ purple belt under Danaher.

Working along with Ryan she is more active in Jiu-Jitsu than last year. She competes many times and win against Stephanie Trevino for 3rd coast grappling. To win the undercard of Kasai 5 she executes her ways.

Nathalia Santoro’s net worth

As a bodybuilder, fitness model, and BJJ competitor Nathalia Santoro has a net of more than $500,000. According to ZipRequiters, her salary is approximately $49,112.

According to some sources, Santoro and Ryan have a plan to assets more than $3 million through their grappling skill and training center Jiu-Jitsu.

Are they married?

Although they have a long-time relationship they are not married and they had no children and still focusing on their careers.

Also, their cost of living is very high and they both are busy with their work. This is the reason that still they don’t plan to raise their family.

Gordon Ryan’s girlfriend Conclusion

Here all about Gordon Ryan’s girlfriend and their relationship of Gordon Ryan are described briefly. If this topic is helpful for you to know about Ryan’s relationship then comment below so that we get motivated and write about other celebrities and their girlfriends.

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