Watch Drishayam 2 full movie online free

Watch Drishayam 2 full movie online

Drishyam 2 is a much-awaited sequel to the super hit film of 2013 , Drishyam. Drishyam had received rave reviews from critics and fans. Since then, people have been waiting for the sequel to be released. Read on to find out what time does Drishyam 2 release on Amazon Prime.

drishyam 2 release on amazon prime

 Drishyam 2 Release on Amazon Prime Video

The official Drishyam 2’s release date is set for February 19, 2021. Drishyam 2 will be on the popular streaming service Amazon Prime Video. Drishyam 2 will release at midnight on February 19. Fans of the original film who have been looking forward to Drishyam can log into their Amazon Prime Video Accounts and watch the film on February 19, 2020, at midnight. The story of Drishyam 2 is a direct continuation of the events that conspired in the original Drishyam (2013)

About Drishyam 2 

Drishyam 2  has the same main cast of characters comprising of Mohanlal(in the lead role), Meena, Esther, and Meena as part of the family. Other main characters in the movie are Asha Sarath, Siddique, and new addition Murali Gopy.

The film has been directed by the original Drishyam director Jeetu Joseph. The new film will focus on Mohanlal as the father character Georgekutty and his family facing new unseen challenges and dealing with the trauma of the past.

The much-awaited film will also focus on the events of the previous film and how the lives of each person in the family have changed after that fateful incident in the original Drishyam film. Drishyam 2 will explore the consequences and outcomes of the first film. Drishyam 2 has a runtime of 2 hours and 33 minutes. The events of the film take place six years after the events of the first Drishyam

Jeethu Joseph was Hesitant to Make the Sequel 

Jeethu Joseph was unsure about making the sequel to Drishyam since it was recieved and appreciated to be the perfect film, as per PTI. Even his own family advised him not to go ahead with the sequel.” Don’t destroy it,’‘ his family had warned him.

Joseph wasn’t ready to make the film for a long time, not wanting to destroy his iconic legacy of the original film. The fear of failure of the sequel film was very real for him. It took him around 5 years to write the script for the sequel. As to how good Drishyam 2 is, one can find out after it’s released on February 19. Stay tuned for more news related to Drishyam 2. 

Watch Drishayam 2 full movie online almost free

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