Ian Somerhalder Wife (June, 2023): Net Worth, Girlfriend, Relationships

Damon Salvatore AKA Ian Somerhalder is a very ambitious and handsome personality who brightens the environment with a positive energy where he goes.  Ian Somerhalder is one of the most controversial celebrities of all time and this all is owed to his dating history. You must be wondering about how can controversially dating life be so controversial as his professional life is quite smooth, so don’t worry we are here to tell you everything related to Ian. So, let is check out everything about him without any delay.

Ian Somerhalder Wife

About Ian Somerhalder net worth, wife, girlfriend, best friends, dating history and everything you should know about him.

Ian Somerhalder Biography:

Ian Somerhalder is an American actor who got popularity after playing the role of Damon Salvatore in a teenage supernatural Netflix Series the Vampire Diaries and as Boone Carlyle in the series Lost. 44 years old Ian was more engaged in acting before setting up his own business in Wine brand, still he does act projects but the ratio of business to acting is overpowered by business. 

Somerhalder started acting from the age of 17 and after that he continued to provide his efforts to the same field, Accordingly, his efforts were never wasted as he is a renowned actor and in the series TVD, he was the highest paid actor on the set.

Ian Somerhalder net worth

Chiefly, actors never disclose their handsome income publicly. Ian is earning from modelling, acting and his Wine business, brothers bond Bourbon. His Wine brand Brother’s bond bourbon is touching heights as it is crossing the boundaries of USA. People are enjoying the taste of Wine which is a profitable thing for him and his brother and best friend Paul Wesley.

Ian Somerhalder Dating History:

In his long-acting career Ian’s name was united with many women under a romantic relationship, but the one with his relationship took the spotlights of fans and media was with Nina Dobrev. Yes, the Vampire Diaries actress Nina and Ian fell in love with each other while they were engaged in the show. Their relationship was famous for them in show and off show chemistry.

Ian Somerhalder Dating History

Later after season 6 of the show the rumors about the separation were spread like a wildfire and after some time it became official that the couple have moved their ways apart. This is because of the age gap between the couple where Nina is 10 years younger than Ian. She wanted to work in the industry to achieve heights in his acting career whereas Ian was planning a family. 

The thought process of the couple was different which encouraged them to separate their ways and after some time Ian married Nina’s friend and now, he is settled with her and his daughter Bodhi.

Ian Somerhalder Girlfriend:

From Malese Jow, Nikki Hilton to Nina Dobrev, Ian was involved in numerous romantic relationships but now he is married and living happy with his nuclear family. It seems he is not dating anyone or have any girlfriend.

Ian Somerhalder Best Friends:

 Ian Somerhalder’s die-hard fans must be aware of his best friend and his business partner. He is none other than his on-screen brother Paul Wesley.

May be both of them took the show’s storyline too seriously that they become real life brother too. They are best friends and started their own wine brand “Brothers bond Bourbon” yeah you have heard it right the TVD’s Bourbon and Brotherhood is still alive and living among the hearts of both the brothers. 

Ian Somerhalder Wife:

 Ian Somerhalder is happily married and his wife is none other than the Twilight actress Nikki Reed, yes you have heard it right.

Ian Somerhalder Wife

the clash between TVD and Twilight Is over for the couple and both the on-screen vampires found their love and life partner in each other. The couple shares a daughter and his wife is pregnant again.