Interesting facts about Sunny Deol

Facts about Sunny Deol

  • Sunny Deol’s real name is Ajay Singh Deol. Sunny was his nickname in childhood which became popular.
  • Sunny went through a proper training in acting in England’s Old World Theater in Birmingham.
  • On the contrary to his aggressive and outspoken characters in films, the actor in his real life is a bit introvert and reserved.
  • Sunny has deep regards for his family members including his son,brother and father . Here is what he wrote about his father .

#happy#birthday#papa. The Greatest Actor and The Greatest Human being in this World. The World loves you. Be Happy Always. That’s the only way we want to see you. Give us all your sorrows. WE LOVE YOU. PAPA.

  • Sunny’s fan following doubled after the release of Gadar: Ek Prem Katha in 2001.
  • Gadar became so popular that some theatres in Punjab actually had to start the shows from 6 am in the morning as per the demand of the viewers.
  • Damini was offered to the actor only for making a guest appearance in the film. However, Sunny impressed the makers with his acting skills so much so that his role had to be extended and he was made the central character.
  • Sunny Deol is known for his hulk like body and the credits goes to Sylvester Stallone as the actor was trained in his gym to get that HOT-BOD.

Sunny Deol first film was with Amirta Singh Betaab which was released almost 37 years ago.

  • He respects Dharmendra so much that he does not speak much in front of his father.
  • Sunny considers Dharmendra as his favorite actor. Dharmendra’s film ‘Blackmail’ song ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’ is his favorite song.
  • Sunny Deol like Sylvester Stallon and he loves Rambo series films

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