Jing Lusi Net Worth (May, 2023): Earnings, Age, Height, Boyfriend

Jing Lusi Net Worth: $5 million (approx.)

   Age  37 years
   Nationality  British-Chinese
   Birthdate  1985-05-16
   Birthplace  Pudong,Shanghai,China
   Profession  Actress
   Net worth  $5 million (approx.)
   Height  1.57 m
   Weight  52 Kg
   Eye Colour  Dark Brown

Jing Lusi Net Worth is around $5 million. Jing Lusi is a British Chinese actress who is popularly known for her series ‘Crazy Rich Asians’.

Jing Lusi Net Worth

She gained popularity and recognition in cinema because of her intellectual choices of scripts and contibuted in paving the path for many other asian artist in the western cinema.

She has been like a string which forms a connection between the western cinema and the asian cinema culture and also a representative of asian culture in the western cinema. This is pretty visible from her choice of scripts which always has some kind of significance with her asian roots. Lusi shifted to England with her parents when she was five , she had always been interested in acting but lacked courage to tell her parents.

Jing Lusi Biography:

Jing Lusi was born on 16 May 1985 in Pudong, Shanghai, and moved with her parents to the United Kingdom at the age of five. Her family settled in Southampton, her father having been granted a scholarship to study a master’s degree at the university.

Jing Lusi Net Worth

Jing Lusi studied at Peter Symonds College, Winchester, then read law at University College London

Like any other typical asian parents , her parents also wanted her be a scholar so she took admission in a law college . After getting her law degree, she realised that she couldn’t be in a profession for which she is not passionate about, it was then she decided to let her parents know about her dream to become an actress.

She began to husstle for auditions for various roles and finally she got one ,her very first break was ‘Breathe’ in which she played the character of ‘Lauren’. After this she began to get other projects.At times, she would feel humiliated because the director would ask her to speak in Chinese accent. She felt the racim in the industry when she closely observed.

After completing over a decade in the industry, today she has turned out to be a women who is more bold and courages to be able to say ‘no’ to such racist characters and proudly showcases her aisan roots. Due to her persistence, she managed to create an identity for herself with a total worth of $5 million dollars.

Jing Lusi Movies Career:

Lusi stepped into the entertainment industy when she was in her 20s , since then she worked in many TV as well as films projects, mainly as a supporting character but aslo featured as main characters in some of the projects.

Her films include ‘Breathe (2009)’, ‘The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines (2011)’, ‘Jack Fall (2011)’, ‘Tezz (2012)’, ‘Survivor (2015)’, ‘Crazy Rich Asians (2018)’, ‘SAS: Red Notice (2012)’.

Some of her works in TV include ‘Holby City (2012-2013)’, ‘Law & order:UK (2014)’, ‘Josh’(2015)’, ‘Bob the buider (2016-2018)’, ‘Stan Lee’s Lucky Man (2016)’, ‘Scott & Bailey (2016)’, ‘Zapped (2017-2018)’, ‘The Romananoffs (2018)’, ‘Pure (2019)’, ‘The Feed (2019)’, ‘Gangs of London(2020)’, ‘Man vs. Bee (2022)’, ‘Pennyworth (2022)’.She also worked in BBC documentary about ‘Chinese New Year’ which garnered over 100 million views in China.

Jing Lusi Upcoming Movies:

Her upcoming films include ‘Argylle’, which is going to be an American spy thriller film, it has a strong cast which include Dua Lipa (a very famous american pop singer) , John Cena, Henry Cavill,Haruka Ohshima and others.

Another Upcoming project is ‘Heart of Stone’, also an American spy thriller filmwhich is quite hyped up because of its cast which includes- The wonder women, Gal Gadot, Bollywood star Alia Bhatt, Jamie Dornan and others.

Jing Lusi Writing Career:

Lusi is not only an actress but also a writer.In an interview she revealed that writing is something which she enjoys doing. She also revealed that sometimes she writes her own script because she ends up disatisfied with scripts written by others as it is often very racist and more focused to showcase negative points of the asian community, such as the accent of speaking.

Hence, she tries to gather all her imaginative character traits of her mind into her writing so that she could present that character infront of the audience through screen and break all the racial barriers.These type of steps helps the audience to think beyond their stereotype and acknowledge everyone regardless of their descent.

Lusi has also written a book which is about spirituality, she states that she had written every single day for 13 months to complete the book.Although, majority of her income comes from her acting career but writing has her heart.Her Upcoming writing project is going to be dramedy which is set in a law firm , she is currently working on it.

Jing Lusi Awards/ Achievements

Jing Lusi has worked in a BAFTA nominated series called ‘Holby City’. Her 2018 global hit romantic comedy film series ‘Crazy Rich Asians ‘ won ‘ the critics choice award’ for best comedy and also received various major nominations like ‘Outstanding Performance By a Cast in a motion picture’ , ‘Best Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy’ etc.This series also collected a whooping amount of $230 millions from worldwide screenings.

Jing Lusi Interesting Facts:

Jing Lusi is a nature loving person who is fond of spending her time under nature. Lusi also left social media a while ago, it was then, when she realised that it was all just a sham and showoff.

She said in an interview that she used to think that social media is a neccessity in glam world but with time she realised that it isn’t true.

Now , she lives her life peacefully and she is really happy with her life.She has completely seperated herself from social media and keeps her life affairs private and nuissance free.

At home when she is alone, she likes to read , write and do yoga for fitness. She also likes to hang out  with her friends in cafes. She  has a pet dog with whom she likes to spend time in park.

Jing Lusi FAQ:

1. Where is Jing Lusi from?

 Jing Lusi was born in Shanghai , China. But she immigrated to UK along with her family when she was just five years old.

2. How tall is Jing Lusi?

Her height is 1.57 metres.

3. How old is Jing Lusi?

Jing Lusi is an 80s kid , she is 37 years old and celebrates her birthday on 16 May.

4. Does Jing Lusi speaks Mandarin?

Yes, she can speak Mandarin but she cannot read and write it because she spent only 5 years in China. She has been in the UK for the longest time, hence English is more familiar to her.