BTS Jungkook Net Worth (June, 2023): Facts, Earnings, Age, Height, Girlfriend

BTS Jungkook Net Worth [2022]: $25 Million (approx.)

Net Worth:$25 Million (approx.)
Date of Birth:Sep 1, 1997
Place of Birth:Busan, South Korea
Age:25 years

BTS Jungkook net worth is around $25. BTS member Jungkook aka Golden maknae Jungkook’s name is taken among some of the richest k-pop idols in Korea.

Jungkook Net Worth
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At such a young age Jungkook owns some of the most luxurious things and enjoys having whooping amount of wealth which is expected to increase even more. Please read below to know the details about Jungkook net worth.

What is BTS Jungkook Net Worth?:

Jungkook net worth in 2022 is around $25 million in 2022. This section will have answered queries like what is Jungkook’s net worth?, how much is Jungkook worth ?, how much rich is Jungkook ?.

Jungkook net worth

Jungkook aka Golden makane who is the youngest member of BTS is at the peak of his career right now. Being the youngest among the other six members , it is quite an achievement for him to be counted among some of the richest k-pop idols in Korea.

Jungkook is the 8th richest k-pop idols in Korea and comes only 3rd if counted among the members.

Now, lets answer about What is the source of his net worth?

Jungkook Concerts:

Jungkook gets an yearly salary of about $8 million from his managing company. The band performs concerts in different corners of the world and it is not a secret that their concert hall bookings are always so full which is all thanks to the Armies ( their fans).

Some of the highest grossing tours of the group includes Their Love yourself World Tour. It was estimated that this album grossed over millions of views and bought them a revenue of about $194 million.In the current year , they have several concerts scheduled in countries like USA , India, Brazil etc. Recently , a two day fan event ” Muster Swoozoo BTS ” was held to celebrate their 8 year anniversary.

Jungkook still from video

They gathered over $80 million in just two days , thus breaking their own record. As of now, the group is taking a break and the members announced that they are going to focus on their solo careers for sometime but very soon they are going to be together for theirworld tour.

Jungkook Brand Endorsements:

Besides the world tours jungkook also gets a lot of band endorsements from both korean and non -korean brands because of being a global celebrity. He does promotion of brands along with other members. These brands include Hyundai , Samsung , Louis Vitton, LG, Mac’Donald , Coca Cola, TinyTAN( animated dolls) , SIDIZ ( korean chair brand) , Coway( South korean home appliance company) and many more brands .

Once jungkook mentioned his favourite lemon drink on his Vlive , after few days the company ran out of all the drinks because his fans brought it all. He also jokingly said on his Vlive that “Aren’t you guys too fast? I couldn’t buy my favourite drink because it’s all sold out and could only manage to buy two packs .”This was not the first time when his fans emptied the stores of a particular brand.His fans brought Prada jacket , louis vitton, Balenciaga , presely sunglasses and many more
items because they saw him using it. This is the reason why many companies want to make him their brand ambassadors.

Jungkook Solo Albums:

Apart from creating music with the group , Jungkook has also worked as a solo artist. His solo songs are also very popular and keeps on breaking one record after the other. Because of his mesmerizing and attractive voice , people are completely in love with his songs . He released his first single named ” Begin” in 2010 and three more songs -” Euphoria” in 2018 , “My time ” in 2020 and “Still with you “in 2020 as well.

Jungkook c

Euphoria became a very popular song , it even crossed 300 million views thus making him the only South korean singer to cross this mark. His recent song “Still with you” is so euphonious and armies are enjoying it very much. He has also been featured on the billboards due to the growing popularity of his songs. Besides making his own music , Jungkook also like to cover songs of other singers and as usual Armies shower their love and support to him because no matter which songs he sings , it is bound to get popular. This much of record breaking views provides him a lot of revenue and he also gets royalties and copyrights for his other music works as well.

Jungkook Social media post sponsorships:

Jungkook enjoys a massive fan following on social media platforms like Instagram . He has already crossed 41 million followers on Instagram which makes him the 2nd k-pop idol to have so many Instagram followers after kim Taehyung ( one of the member of BTS).Jungkook earns a lot of revenue from his posts as well.

He keeps his fans updated about himself .His posts often breaks the record of likes and views . He is also the only artist to get 3 million likes on 5 posts . Although he doesnot have individual account on Twitter but the group account also has 17 million followers , he keeps on posting on the group account as well.

In the year 2022 , when jungkook shared his first post of the year , it garnered over 1 million likes within just 2 minutes and thus broke the guiness world record of getting 1 million likes within the minimum time limit .

Jungkook house

Previously , this record tittle was held by a Brazilian person. But recently , he left Armies heartbroken when he deleted all his Instagram posts .To Armies relief, he came back on Instagram after sometime with some new posts , he posted the pictures of The White House where the members met president Joe Biden and gave a speech about crimes against asian people. He posted 21 new posts which also included his pictures from the USA trip.

Shareholder of Big Hit Entertainment:

Big Hit Entertainment which has now changed its named to Hybe Labels is the company under which Jungkook made his debut in 2011. The company revealed in 2020 that BTS members will also be the Shareholders of the company. They revealed that each member will have 68,385 shares and each shares are worth $113 .This means that Jungkook has shares which are worth atleast $7.7 million in the company.

The decision of giving shares to the members was done on the basis of their contribution towards the company. BTS has been given the position of “Main artist” of the agency as they brought so much revenue not only from their country but also from other countries as well.

Among all the other groups managed by the company , only they have achieved such big success and popularity around the world. During the Lockdown , the company was going down a bit but still managed to get 294 billion won profit and also sold a good amount of Albums as well.

How much Jungkook earns per year?

In 2019 BTS generated $170 million touring. The only group to earn more was Metallica. Largely due to these touring revenues, between 2019 and 2020, the BTS members earned a combined $50 million, roughly $7 million per member.

Jungkook net worth

Jungkook Biography:

BornJeon Jung-kook
September 1, 1997 (age 24)
Busan, South Korea
EducationSchool of Performing Arts Seoul
Global Cyber University
Awards Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit (2018)
Musical career
GenresK-pop, EDM
Years active2013–present
LabelsBig Hit
Member ofBTS
Korean name

Jungkook comes from a humble family background from Busan , Korea. He came to Seoul , the capital city of Korea when he was very young. In an interview , he mentioned that he got inspired from a Korean rapper , G Dragon when he watched him performing a song on TV. Since then he wanted to be a singer .

Jungkook Biography
(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

In another interview it was revealed by his company that he was very shy while giving the auditions . He was so shy that the company even doubted about his debut. But the “Golden maknae” handled it well and debuted in 2011 in a group of seven members under the Big hit entertainment . From being so shy on stage to walking at the Grammy awards with confidence , he surely has come a longway since then.

On the work front , Jungkook recently collaborated with the American Singer and Songwriter , Charlie Puth. They released a song named “Left and right” which was a major hit and garnered over 122 million views on YouTube within just 4 weeks of the release.

Jungkook has previously met Charlie Puth and also covered one of his songs “We don’t talk anymore ” but it is only now that the collaboration happened and their respective fans are very happy with this collaboration.

Talking about the group , BTS has also released their new album “Proof” on 10th June 2022 which contains 3 new songs – “Yet to come” , “Run BTS” and “For Youth” which represents past , present and future. Currently, all the members are at their respective homes and their comeback will soon be announced.