JVKE Net Worth (June, 2023): Earnings, Age, Height, Girlfriend

JVKE Net Worth: $500 Thousands

JVKE Net Worth is around $500 Thousands

JVKE Net Worth

JVKE doesn’t have many fixed sources of income. But, the kind of following he has on all his social accounts is insane. On Tiktok alone, he has a lot of followers and they keep on increasing. But it’s not just Tiktok he has a similar count on these other social media accounts as well.

He has over 2.7 million subscribers on youtube and even though he doesn’t post his music on Instagram, he has half a million followers there as well! We must keep in mind that the followers and like counts do help one earn a lot of money.

JVKE Net Worth

If we consider his pieces of music, he has over 75 million views for all of his official music videos on youtube. This kind of views alone can help you earn up to 300,000$. He has his music available on various streaming platforms but even if we consider just Spotify, he has 12 million monthly listeners. Even after having only 10 songs released, all of them being singles, having 12 million listeners monthly, is a huge milestone.

So, if we consider all of these factors, JVKE Net Worth will be half a million dollars .


Since he has just begun his career and doesn’t have any other business or job. He once said that he would rather focus on his music than have a 9-to-5 job. His only sources of income are his social media content and his music.

Mind you, these kinds of earnings arent less at all, and given the fact that he’s only 21, this amount of money actually more than sufficient. Since none of his social platforms have many promotions or brand endorsements it is safe to assume that he doesn’t earn a great deal of money through sponsorships either. So far, we have only seen some red bull product placements in his music videos.

JVKE Biography | Who is JVKE?

JVKE is a famous internet sensation and a rising music star. Born on 3rd March 2001, this twenty-one years old singer has only begun his journey to becoming a pop star. He gained most of his fame through TikTok, where he used to make dance beats and produce music.

JVKE Biography

He is famous for making videos with his mother. In these short videos, he promotes his music, where his mother also plays a small part, and regardless to say, they are adorable. Such wholesome videos that he has created have received over 50 million views on TikTok alone. He has started posting these short videos on youtube shorts as well, which have also given him a great response.


So, one may often wonder, how did JVKE become JVKE?

Since a very young age, he has always shown great interest in music. He was very passionate when it comes to playing piano and that is because he has been playing that instrument since childhood.

He started his musical journey when he was fourteen years old. He started producing beats around this age. He has said in many articles that he was greatly inspired by Kanye West and Drake. He always wanted to produce that kind of music. Hence we can say that he wanted to pursue music as his career for a long time.

JVKE Career:

The music industry is a huge market. Thousands of artists try to pursue a career in music and intend to gain money and fame. But only a few of these aspirants actually make it far in this industry.  Luckily, JVKE is one of them, and he totally deserves to be. So, how did his career blow up? Well, a major creditor this goes to TikTok.

JVKE Career
(cover of JVKE AND Charlie’s single)

He started posting videos on this app during the covid period since that’s when his school went on online mode and he had a lot of time on his hands. These were 30-second videos, that he made using his self-produced music as the audio.

His song ‘Upside Down’ was the first one to go viral. He posted TikTok’s promoting this song. One of the videos received 40 million views in less than a week. And ever since then, he has become a famous tiktoker well recognized for his producing talent.

(a glimpse from the Tiktok he made with his mom)


 ‘Upside Down’ may be the song that launched his career, but it isn’t the song that JVKE is known for. In 2021, he released another single, ‘this is what falling in love feels like’ and the audience loved it! Right now the song has over 190 million plays on Spotify alone.

He released its official music video on 3rd November 2021 which has 33 million views on Youtube. Although he has not released any albums yet, he has released several singles.

One of the popular ones is ‘this is what heartbreak feels like’ is the sequel to his previous song ‘this is what falling in love feels like’. Even though he has begun just two years ago, he has already started collaborating with various artists.

JVKE promoting his video
(promoting his music ok Tiktok)

One of them being the infamous Charlie Puth. Both of them collabed together and produced a remix of JVKE’s first song ‘Upside Down’. Even this remix has over 10 million plays on Spotify. He has also produced music with other Tiktok singers. For instance JAX, they produced a song named ‘u love u and I love me’ which is yet again a hit.


Since a majority of his publicity is driven by social media, we can say that JVKE is very active on all social media platforms.  And he has a great number of users following him on every single one of them. TikTok however, is the one that gave birth to his career and this explains why he has the maximum number of followers there.

With 7.6 million followers on TikTok and a 97 million likes count, we can all him the pop king of TikTok. He posts the same Tiktoks on youtube shorts as well so that people who don’t own a TikTok account can also watch his content. He posts cute videos promoting his music with his mom, and collabs with various Tiktok artists as well, which is one of the reasons why his videos got famous and he got to show his talent.


Being just a 21-year-old, JVKE does not own a big house or any luxury cars. Infant, even after earning a good amount, the singer prefers to live a modest life. Just like his personality, his lifestyle is also very humble. However, he does admit that he spends a fortune on his music equipment so as to improve the quality of his music.

JVKE Upcoming Albums, tours

Considering this is only the start of his music journey, we can expect a lot of upcoming content from him. He recently announced that there is an album in the making process. He has been giving a lot of interviews lately which means that we may get to hear the album very soon!

JVKE Interesting Facts:

 1.  He is actually very tall in real life, taller than you think.  His height is 6’7.

2. He produces music in his garage and not in a fancy studio.

3. He is actually very humble and generous in real life.

4. Working with Charlie Puth was one of his dreams and he is very happy that it came true.

5. He dropped out of college to focus on his career in music.