Kathryn Newton Net Worth (May, 2023): Earnings, Age, Height, Husband

Kathryn Newton Net Worth: $2 Million (approx.)

Kathryn Newton Net Worth is around $2 million. After starring in some award winning TV shows and movies, Kathryn Newton seems to have earned a decent wealth.

Kathryn Newton Net Worth

Although she doesn’t give much information out in the media or even her social account for that matter, it can be assumed that she is fairly rich.

Kathryn Newton has had various brand endorsement and received good amount of money through that as well.

Kathryn Newton Biography | Who is Kathryn Newton?

Kathryn Newton is a famous American actress, who has starred in successful films as well as series. Born in Florida to a middle-class family, she started her career as a child actress. The twenty-five years old is famous on instagram as well.

Kathryn Newton Biography

With 1.4 million followers on instagram, she is quite the influencer. Her first debut was done in a soap opera at the age of a mere four.  In ‘All My Children’, the well-known soap opera, she played the role of Colby Marian. She gained a fair amount of success after this role.

Kathryn Newton Education:

Kathryn went to the university of California, where she took part in various golf tournaments.

Born in Florida, she completed her primary education in an all-girls school. Later she shifted to Sherman Oaks in California, where she completed her secondary education at Notre Dame High School.

Kathryn Newton Movies:

Being a child actress, continuing her career as an actress wasn’t very difficult for Kathryn. ‘Bad Teacher’, was one of the first movies she starred in and as we all know, was a big hit.  She gained a lot of fame and recognition after her performance in that film. 

Kathryn Newton Biography
     (a glimpse of Kathryn from paranormal activities.)

Later, she starred in various other films such as, ‘Pokemon Detective Pikachu’, ‘Lady Bird’, ‘Business Boys Club’, et cetera.

Along with this she has performed in several short films as well. Even though these movies were great and did well at the box office, the highlight of her career has to be her performance in the mega-hit movie, ‘Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.’

This 2014 movie is the fourth part of the ‘Paranormal Activities’ movie franchise. Here, she played the role of one of the main Protagonists, Alex. Her acting expressions were spine-chilling yet splendid. 

She is now going to feature in a marvel film. That’s right her upcoming film, ‘The Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantamania’, which is the part three of the ‘Ant man’ franchise of the ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’ has already started getting the recognition it deserves. We cannot be more excited for this film!

Hence, we can conclude that Kathryn has had a very successful and famous movie career. 

 Kathryn Newton TV Career:

While she has had a fat success in the film industry, her roles in the television have also been renowned.

As mention earlier, ‘All My Children’ was the first soap opera that she starred in at the young age of four. After this, she made her debut in ‘Gary Unmarried’ from 2008-2010. In this show, she played the twelve years old daughter of the protagonist, Louise Brooks.

This role added on to her fame as people seemed to like the intellectual character that she played. She is also known for her roles in series ‘The Supernaturals’. A netflix special, ‘The Society’ aired in 2019, was a giant hit. People loved the show, and this time, Kathryn became famous amongst the younger audience.

However, Kathryn is most known for her role in the HBO Drama series, ‘Big Little Lies’. This series includes performances of many Oscar winning and world famous actresses such as Merly Streep, Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman. 

Kathryn Newton Body Measurements:

Kathryn is an actress of British descend.  Her race is white and she is of American descend. She is around 5 feet 5 inches tall. She physique is considered to be slim. She has naturally blond hair and doesn’t seem to change her hair color for personal interest or for any acting roles. Her eye color is blue. She is considered to be a very pretty actress.

Kathryn Newton Biography
(Kathryn Newton at the Critics Choice Awards)

Kathryn Newton Accomplishments

Kathryn Newton has been nominated for various awards for her roles in Movies and TV shows. She has won the Young Artist Award twice, in 2010, 2011 for playing Louise Brooks in Gary Unmarried.

Kathryn Newton Biography
(Kathryn Newton as a cover girl for Rollercoaster magazine spring/summer collection)

Again, in 2013, she earned the Young Artist Award for her performance in Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.  In 2021 she was nominated for ‘best actress in horror movie’ as well as ‘best villain’ for her acting debut in ‘Freaky’. She has also been featured in various magazines, and as cover girl for the magazine.

Kathryn Newton Hobbies

Kathryn is a HUGE golf fan. In fact, she plays golf at a professional level. It is a sport taught to her by her father. Since a young age, the actress has had a great interest in playing sports. She is also seen playing sports in her movies and TV shows. Her love for this sport can be seen all over instagram. From posts to story highlights, she has managed to fill half of her social media with golf content and we love her for that. 

Kathryn Newton playing golf
(Kathryn playing golf for a professional photoshoot)

The actress also has a keen interest for fashion. She has admitted in many interviews that she as an obsession with vintage t-shits. She loves collecting them.

Kathryn Newton Relationships

Kathryn has very good relationships with her family members. She is the only child to her parents and they are very proud of her. She adores her dad because he taught her to play golf which is one of her main interests.

Kathryn Newton young
(A picture of Kathryn, at a very young age, and her father playing golf shared by Kathryn on her instagram)

They both have spent some valuable time together and made core memories while playing golf. As far as her dating life is concerned, the actress prefers to keep it private. According to the media sources she hasn’t been married or engaged yet.