Kaun Banega Crorepati 12 : Amitabh Bachchan favourite car was Mustang as a kid in Delhi and he owns a Lamborghini

The latest episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 12 started with contestant Amanaya Diwakar from Udupi, Karnataka. Host Big B informed that the 12-year-old has a huge love for cars and dreams of opening his own car manufacturing company in the future. In his introduction Big B revealed that Amanya is very close to his grandmother and his father complained that he hates waking up early.

He shared that he has actually written down on a piece of paper the names of 72 of his dream cars and has kept that in his cupboard. He then went on to name his top five favourite cars.

He revealed that his dream is to manufacture his own cars. With the money won on KBC he wants to invest the money to open his own car company and give a share of the winning amount in charity to help the needy.

Amanaya corrected Mr Bachchan when he called wave board a skateboard and the latter was left speechless. Big B suggested Amanaya’s father that if the next time he doesn’t wake up on time, he should play the sound of a Ferrari on his music system

During one of the questions Big B revealed that as a kid his favourite car was Mustang and when they lived in Delhi one of their neighbours had it and he would feel jealous of him. He shared that it was an open air car and he always wished to own a car like that. Though he could not buy that brand of car, one of his friends from Mumbai had it and he would drive it.

Anamaya quizzed Mr Bachchan about his favourite car and he replied saying it’s Lamborghini. Mr Bachchan revealed that he bought the car but couldn’t drive because of the traffic in Mumbai. Anamaya suggested to Big B that he should get a sports car. The legendary actor joked that when he wins Rs 7 crore he should share half of the prize money with him and Anamaya straight away refused saying, ‘aap ke paas bahut paisa hai’.

Big B gave Anamaya a lovely surprise and made him speak to his grandmother through a video call. During their conversation, she asked him if he had food and Big B laughed out loud and later told she is no different from any other grandmother as she asked Anamaya if he had food.

 Amitabh Bachchan was overwhelmed with his talented mind and could not stop praising him as he talked about startups and public funding. Mr Bachchan shared that he still doesn’t understand about startup and public funding, but at the age of 12 Anamaya knows everything. The child prodigy shared that he would name his company ‘D’walker’ which comes from his surname Diwakar.

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