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Keemstar Net Worth:$2 Million

Net Worth:$2 Million
Date of Birth:Mar 8, 1982 (39 years old)
Place of Birth:Buffalo, New York, U.S.
Profession:YouTuber, streamer

DJ Keemstar is an American YouTuber, podcaster, and streamer.

DJ Keemstar net worth:

 DJ Keemstar has a net worth of $2 million. DJ Keemstar is known for being the former leader of the “Federation of Asshole Gamers”, aka the “[email protected]”. Today he is the host of a show called Drama Alert.

He has more than 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, DramaAlert, and is the #1 most subscribed person on BlogTV. He has nearly 2 million followers on Twitter. Keemstar charges fans $20 to be on his friend list or to become a moderator on BlogTV chat. He is also known as one of the most famous trash talkers in the gaming industry. He his known for being a controversial figure in the YouTube community due to his history of feuds and hostile exchanges with other content producers.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – MAY 18: Keemstar (L) and FouseyTube speak onstage during LiveXLive & Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms Press Conference @ Fred Segal West Hollywood on May 18, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for LiveXLive)

Keemstar Biography

Keem was born on March 8, 1982, in Buffalo, New York. He has one brother and one sister. Daniel M. Keem better known by his online alias Keemstar, is an American YouTuber, podcaster, and streamer.He is best known for being the host of the Internet popular culture news show DramaAlert.

On October 25th, 2021, Keem announced via Twitter his plan to retire from YouTube on March 8th, 2022, the day of his 40th birthday and after 14 years of content creation.

In his announcement video released one day later titled “Retired,” he expressed his dissatisfaction with making videos on the platform, citing the effects of cancel culture along with changes to YouTube’s algorithm and the website’s community as factors for his decision. Keem also stated that he will search for a new host for his channel before his retirement

Conflicts and controversies

In 2008, during an argument with a moderator named Alex on the website, Keem encouraged his viewers to type “Alex is a stupid nigger” in the stream’s chat; he later apologized for using the racist slur.

In January 2016, Keem posted a tweet directed at TotalBiscuit, a YouTuber who had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer, saying that he could not wait to report on his death. Keem later apologized for the tweet.TotalBiscuit died in May 2018

In May 2016, Ian Carter, known as IDubbbz, released a Content Cop on Keem, which has over 30 million views on YouTube as of May 2020. In the video, he accused Keem of threatening big YouTubers with negative coverage and promoting small channels or accusing them of hiding something. Carter called Keem a “very rash decision maker” and showed clips of Keem saying what he called “really regrettable shit”.

In January 2019, YouTuber Jake Paul accused Keem of body-shaming Paul’s then-girlfriend, Erika Costell, after Keem made a tweet comparing her body to Eugenia Cooney, a YouTuber with an eating disorder.

In June 2019, after YouTuber Desmond Amofah (Etika) committed suicide, several Twitter users blamed Keem for “egging on” Amofah. Amofah’s mother defended Keem by texting him afterwards, stating he was not to blame for Amofah’s suicide and that he loved Keem and his show.

In May 2020, YouTuber Ethan Klein released a video exposé about Keem, which resulted in G Fuel ending their sponsorship with him.

Keemstar Personal life

Keem has a young daughter named Mia.Keem has shown support for Donald Trump in numerous tweets

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