Kim kardashain keyne west divorce story

After months of rumours, Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from her husband Kanye West Their marriage lasted for 7 years. A representative for Kardashian confirmed it to magazines and reporters. The divorce is amicable, and Kardashian has requested joint legal and physical custody of their four children.

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How complex the celebrity divorce gets : a Perfect example of Kim Kardashian and Kayne West

The pair had signed a prenuptial agreement, which will make the splitting up of their $2.1 billion combined assets much easier. Both HAVE indepedent business of their own and operate their own businesses individually —West’s Yeezy and Kardashian’s KKW Beauty—and will likely continue with their individual ownership, as well as any income from those ventures.

Things will get more difficult when it comes to their shared real estate and toys—including their Calabasas mansion, with an estimated $30,000 bathroom sink—but these items make up less than 5% of their collective assets.

The filing comes after a difficult 6 months for the beauty magnate and sneaker mogul in which their marital problems were in public on social media while West created further controversy with an ill-fated presidential bid. 

The pair has been living separately—Kardashian in Calabasas, California with the kids and West in Wyoming—for months. They have also been in therapy and have been discussing a possible split off and on for the past year.

Here’s a look at how the assets of the Kardashian-West union will likely be split:

Kanye West assets : $1.3 billion

West is the richer of the pair, but much of his net worth is tied up in his illiquid apparel company.

Yeezy: $1.26 billion

This is the main part of his fortune, West owns 100% of his shoe brand, which is known for its chunky sneakers that cost upwards of $200 a pair. The company’s value is attached to Adidas, which manufactures, markets and distributes the shoes.

In a model similar to a royalty stream, West collects about 11% of Yeezy’s annual revenue, which was about $1.3 billion in 2019. Using a conservative multiple,  Forbes estimated in April 2020 that the brand is worth $1.26 billion

Kim Kardashian West net worth is $780 million

Kardashian West has slightly less net worth than her husband, but her assets are much more liquid—and less dependent on the trendiness of her brand and the whims of consumers.

KKW Beauty is worth $500 million

Similar to West, the bulk of Kardashian’s asssets are in this brand with her name on it. Forbes estimated in October that West’s 72% stake in her cosmetics company KKW Beauty is worth about $500 million.

Joint custody of Cash and other investments: $250 million

Kardashian earned millions from 13 years of starring on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, her mobile app Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and various modeling and endorsement gigs. But her biggest payday came when she sold 20% of KKW Beauty to cosmetics giant Coty COTY +7.7% for $200 million in cash last year.

The possible point of contention What that leaves: $70 million

The pair owns a number of homes—and have a number of mortgages—together, including a Calabasas mansion in Los Angeles county, Miami condo and two ranches in Wyoming.

According to documents West sent Forbes last year, there’s also $5 million in art, nearly $4 million in vehicles, $3.2 million in jewelry and even $300,000 worth of livestock that could be co-owned by the couple.

Who gets what will be dependent on the terms of their prenup and whatever settlement their lawyers can negotiate. For now, we’ve assumed they’ve split it equally. What we can say with certainty: Neither party would walk away settling for anything less than their assumed fair share.