Kim Min Ha Net Worth (May, 2023): Earnings, Age, Height, Boyfriend

Kim Min Ha Net Worth: $2 Million (approx.)

   Nationality South Korean
   Age 27 Years
   Date of Birth1 September, 1995
   Birth Place Seoul, South Korea
   Profession Actress, Model,Social media star
   Religion Christian
   Net worth $2 million

Kim Min Ha Net Worth is around $2 million. Kim- Min-Ha is a korean actress who gained popularity from her recently released drama ‘Pachinko’in which she shared the screen with one of the most famous k-drama actor, Lee Min Ho.

Kim Min Ha Net Worth

Kim Min Ha Biography:

Kim Min Ha was born in the capital city of South korea,Seoul.

Born1 September 1995 (age 27)
Seoul, South Korea
EducationHanyang University
Years active2016–present
AgentSaram Entertainment

As a kid , Kim Min Ha was quite shy but she would enjoy taking part in stage performances.

Kim Min Ha Biography
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She liked to watch Harry Potter and animation ,sometimes she would just mimic the lines of the show for enjoyment. When Kim Min Haa was 12, she was sent to the United states by her family, there she resided with an American family.

When Kim Min Haa talks about the experience of staying in America , she talks about how difficult it was for her to adjust herself in a foreign environment surround with people who looked different from her and spoke different language.

Kim Min Ha Biography
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Gradually Kim Min Ha set herself according to the environment and shared a very good bonding with the American family she lived with.She learned English and with time she got better and better at speaking it.

In her high school years, Kim Min Ha learned about the theater groups, she started taking part in theater related program and noticed that she really enjoys it.

Kim Min Ha Net Worth
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However, when she told  her parents about her interest in acting , they question her and did not agree. Min ha’s family does not have a background in acting, her father was a doctor and her mother was a teacher and they wanted her to settle down with a stable job.

It took her a while to convince her parents to let her go in the acting field. But now they are really supportive as she says. Kim Min Ha graduated from Hanyang University in korea and holds a degree in professional acting.

After struggling for years in the industry in order to grab a chance, Kim Min Ha did many roles of the supporting caste. Now she came to the limelight through the drama “Pachinko’. Today, Kim Min Haa earns around 1,31,53,10,000 korean won anually, which is $1 million.

Kim Min Ha Movies Career:

Min Ha started her acting career in the year 2016 under ‘Saram Entertainment’.She worked in a drama named ‘Two Girls season 2’in her very first year of the debut. She further went on to work with the established actors of k-drama world like Kim Sejeong  in her next project.

Kim Min Ha Movies Career
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She worked in the drama named ‘School 2017’ where she played the character of Yeo Seung-eun as a supporting cast.Her other works include partners for justice(2018) and pachinko(2022).

Kim Min Ha also worked in some short films like ‘After Spring’ in which she played the role of Hyeon-jeong, ‘Main Street’ is a comedy short film in which she played the role of Ga-Young which was released in 2018.

Another short films Kim Min Ha did was Killer Swell:Our space. Her next project was a netflix film named ‘The Call’ which got released in 2020.

Out of all the projects she did till now, Kim Min Ha gained fame and appreciation from her recent drama ‘Pachinko’ in which she played the leading lady against Lee Min Ho. This drama is based on the New York Times Bestseller novel.

It is a historical fictional novel which tells the story of a family who lived in Japan occupied Korea and the story continues till the fourth generation of this family.

Kim Min Ha Movies
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Min-Ha says that when she got to know that she was selected for the role of ‘Sunja’ in  this drama she finished the whole novel overnight and even collected information about the colonial times from her 94 years old grandmother.

Kim Min Ha Movies
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After the drama got released she was praised for her acting specially for the Busan dialect(a native dialect of a korean city) which she potrayed perfectely.

Considering the popularity of the show, it is decided that the show will be translated in 27 other languages. Due to this much popularity her worth is increasing more and she is getting noticed in the mainstream korean entertainment industry.

Kim Min Ha seems to be a great model as well as other than impressing the audience with her excellent acting skills.She was featured on the cover of magazines like vogue and many other magazines.

Min-Ha enjoys a vast number of followers on social media like instagram. Kim Min Ha is followed by 42.9k people on instagram. On instagram she often posts her glamours photoshoot pictures and brand endorsement related pictures.Other than that she also posts her dancing videos.

Kim Min Ha Boyfriend:

Kim Min Ha describes herself as a curious person who is always impatient to get to know about different things and once something attracts her attention , she want to try it atleast once in her life.

Kim Min Ha Boyfriend
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Kim Min Ha liked to do meditation from her struggling days of acting, she says that meditation helps her to increase concentration power , strength and to get a sense of freedom and relaxation from the daily hussle of life.

Kim Min Ha does not like to showoff about things in her life on social media platforms.But according to some sources it was revealed that she lives a luxourious life with her family and also owns an expensive car, still she never boasted about it.

Kim Min Ha revealed that she worked as a teacher in a elementary school after completing her graduation but during that time as well she did not leave acting completely ,infact she taught her students how to act, for school play performances.

Kim Min Ha travelled a lot to nearby places in to develop herself as a person and to get an inspiration from things around her.

It was only in 2016 when she debuted as an actress and after doing so many supporting roles in a bunch of k-dramas, succes finally knocked on her door through ‘Pachinko’. But for her , this the only beginning stage and there are still many milestones to go .

Kim Min Ha FAQ:

1. How did Kim Min Ha learned English?

As she spent some of her childhood days in the United States and also studied there,so she eventually held the grip over the language to communicate with her peers and other people. With the passage of time she got better and better at speaking it

2. What are the educational qualifications of Kim Min Ha ?

Min Ha is a graduate from Hanyang University in Korea. She even worked as a teacher in an elementary school.

3. What is the age of Kim Min Ha of ‘Pachinko’?

In the drama, she potrayed the role of ‘Sunja’ who is a teenage girl of 13 years but in reality she is 27 years old.

4. What is the nationality of Kim Min Ha ?

Min Ha was born in Seoul, South Korea. Although she spent some part of her life abroad , in the United States but she holds Korean nationality and currently lives in Seoul.