V BTS Net Worth 2023: Biography, Income, Age, Height, Girlfriend,

V BTS Net Worth [2022]: $22 million (approx.)

V Net Worth (BTS Singer) is around $22 million. This indicates his hard-earned luxurious lifestyle.

V Singer Net Worth
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  It will be no surprise if his net worth grows even further because his talents are amazing. There are always room for growth when you have talents or when you are interested in learning new skills.

 Now that all the members have been active on different social media. Kim Tae-hyung is very active on Instagram, breaking records with 45.1M followers.

He can earn $765k per Instagram post, which makes him one of the highest paid influencers along with Messi, Kylie and others.

V(BTS) aka Kim Tae-hyung’s Net Worth 2022: How Much The Expression King of K-pop Earn?

What is V Singer Net Worth 2022 (BTS Member)?:

V Singer Net Worth is around $22 million.

  Net worth (2017)$14 million
  Net worth (2018)$16 million
  Net worth (2019)$18 million
  Net worth (2020)  $20 million
  Net worth (2022)  $22 million

Kim Tae-hyung, also known by his stage name V. He is a well-known singer, song writer, actor of South Korea.

V Singer Net Worth

He is the second youngest member of the most influencing world-famous K-POP boy band BTS. He also topped the list of The Most Handsome Man in The World for 2020, 2021, 2022.

Kim Tae-hyung (V Singer) Earnings:

  Estimated Net Worth  $ 22 million +
Earnings  $1 Million+

V BTS Singer monthly Earnings is around $500,000. He also has many endorsements. V BTS Singer net worth $22 million in 2022. In Korean won it is 23 billion Korean Won. V BTS Singer monthly salary is upto $1 Million per annum. His net worth might drop your jaw. Are u curious? Here is what you need to see:

V Biography BTS Singer (Kim Tae-hyung):

  Name  Kim Tae-hyung
  Stage Name  V(bwi)
  Born30th December, 1995(26 years), Daegu, South Korea
  Education  Korean Arts High School Global Cyber University
  Occupation  Singer, Song writer, Actor

V (BTS Singer) is also very famous for his personality like easy going, caring, creative, genuine, inspiring also named as social butterfly.

V Singer Biography
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He is the vocal and visual of his group BTS. He is from a not well-of family, because of which he got humiliated by his classmate and friends and went through a lot in his childhood.

Once his friend came to audition for Big Hit Entertainment and he came along with him. The staff asked him to give it a try because he has amazing deep-sea voice. Started his career as a trainee with Big Hit Entertainment under Bang Si-Hyuk on 13th June, 2013. He is active from 2013- till now with Hybe Lebel. His father was a great inspiration for him. He was inspired by his father to play saxophone.

V (BTS Singer) is a graduate in broadcast and entertainment pursuing Masters of Business Administration in Advertising and Media. He also has his shares in the group BTS from all tours and endorsements and concerts.

V (BTS Singer) also started his career as an actor. He is the first one in the group who branched into acting and had a role in the drama. V (BTS Singer) had a supporting role in a historical Korean drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (2016) as Suk Han-sung, the youngest hwarang with many famous actors in Korea.

V (BTS Singer) appearance fee for each of these episodes was more than 500 million won ($445,000). V also releases his self-composed songs: Winter Bear, Scenery. Also known as a composer of OST of Itaewon Class (2020) called Sweet Night.

Following the success of the first soundtrack song, on December 24, V released “Christmas Tree”. When he was asked what he would if he wasn’t a member of BTS, he positively replied that he would be a producer or songwriter. He will continue his acting career as of now that BTS members are more focused on developing their individual career.


BTS, is consist of seven members, who can sing, rap, dance, write song and produce songs. Which make them and their band extremely valuable and popular around the world. They have a loyal fanbase called ARMY, with whom they have taken down all the music charts like Billboard.  

All of their songs are hit. Many of their concerts are sold out in minutes. They became so popular after releasing their song ‘DYNAMITE’  in the lockdown period of 2020.

They are now global superstars. They also created merch sales which was sold out in seconds. They are the most influential group of the world. Their endorsement deals have included partnerships with brands like Coca-Cola and Mattel.

They are also ambassadors of brands. And they have the power to sold out products in minutes across the globe. It’s no wonder countless of brands pay them to be their brand ambassadors. They also earn from stocks. When their company went public BTS members all received 68,385 shares in HYBE.

 They are named as the ‘Special Presidential Envoys for Future Generations and Culture’ by getting awarded with the certificates of appointment from South Korean President Moon Jae-in with diplomatic passports and fountain pens. They also attended UN General Assembly and performed Permission to Dance.

They also had a meeting with Joe Biden, US President at the White House on 31st May 2022. The meeting happened to discuss the need to come together in solitary, Asian inclusion and representation, and address anti-Asian hate crimes and discrimination.

V(Kim Tae-hyung) being in this group not only helped him being global superstar, also his checks got bigger. On the BTS album, Wings,V(Kim Tae-hyung) recorded a solo single titled, ‘Stigma.

He also writes lyrics and produces. His producing credits include the song ‘Hold Me Tight.’ On The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1. He also contributed to writing lyrics for song “Fun Boyz” co-composed by bandmate Suga.He also appeared in many TV and talent shows, like celebrity Bromance. Kim Tae-hyung got also nominated for a Melon Music Award in 2017. He is also one of the richest of k- pop industry.

Kim Tae-hyung also hold shares of HYBE stocks which are valued at an additional $16 million to his net worth. V also has a apartment located in Apelbaum flat in Gangnam worth US$4.55 million where security is highly secure and directly views the Han River. Kim Tae-hyung also own very expensive cars and he loves cars. He own Genesis GV80 SUV, a car from high-end part of Genesis and its colour is blue. The estimated value of this car ranges from 60.7 to 66.7 million won.

After the Sewol Ferry tragedy in 2014, each member donated approximately 10 million won ($8500) to 4\16 Sewol Families for truth and a Safer Society. The company added 30million won more.

V(Kim Tae-hyung) with Jimin donated signed shirts to “WeAja Charity Auction” to rise money for people who suffers to stay alive and their families.

  As they have very loyal fans, the ARMYs also donate hefty amounts on birthdays of the members. V as a global superstar has fans all over the world. His fans have participated in donating to various charities centered around children and indigenous people.

 V(Kim Tae-hyung) singer (bts member) is one of the most searched celebrity on internet for many years. The Grammy nominated group BTS first appeared in Grammy in 2019. This is when V got famous because of his divine looks and became the most searched celebrity all over the internet.