Lane Kiffin Girlfriend 2023: Dating History, Affairs, Wife 

Lane Kiffin’s Girlfriend: Jennifer Dardano 

In this article we will read about Lane Kiffin’s girlfriend, Jennifer Dardano, bio/wiki, career, height, weight, and net worth 

The 47-year-old famous American football coach is currently dating Jennifer Dardano, who is a real estate agent, after taking a divorce from his ex-wife Layla Reaves, who works for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

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When do Lane and Jennifer meet together?

According to some sources, Lane and Jennifer started dating in 2017 when the couple was spotted going on a date at a restaurant in Florida named Wishing Well Irish Pub, located in Mizner Park, Boca Raton. But publicly, they don’t accept this. They also said that their relationship was just a good friendship. There is no information about how they started their relationship. 

Jennifer was also a diverse person, as was her ex-husband, Anthony Dardano, who is a plastic surgeon. They married together previously. 

Also, Lane was divorced from his ex-wife, Layla Reaves

After getting divorced from their past relationships, Lane and Jennifer started dating to start their new love lives. 

Who is Jennifer Dardano?

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Jennifer was famous as Lean Kiffin’s current girlfriend and an expert on waterfront properties. She was a Florida-based real estate agent and now works for Douglas Elliman Real Estate. She currently lives in Boca Rica. And she is also a certified  since 2004 and has an account with Palm Beach Media Group due to her excellent knowledge of waterfront properties. She was a coach at Florida Atlantic University. 

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Jennifer Dardano’s biography 

Full nameJennifer Dardano
Birth dateUnknown
Birth placeUnknown
Age40 (estimated)
BoyfriendLean Kiffin
Marital statusDivorced

ennifer doesn’t like to explain their personal information publicly. She never explains her relationship, education, height, age, weight, etc. in front of the public. Although she is not as active on social media as other celebrities, she keeps her accounts private. So there is no more information about Jennifer.

Jennifer has a relationship with a plastic surgeon, Anthony Dardano. But due to some personal issues, they are now divorced. 

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Jennifer Dardano social mediaaccount 

Jennifer was not much more popular on social media. She is less active on social media. She has 10K followers on Facebook and 8K followers on Instagram. 


Jennifer Dardon’s net worth:

As Jennifer is a real estate agent, she affords herself a luxury lifestyle. From Palm Beach Media Group, she earns $64,377 annually with a bonus of $15,000 and a commission of $22,500. As she keeps her information personal, there is no exact information about her net worth. But according to some news sources, she has an estimated net worth of approximately $500,000. It may be different from her actual net worth.

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Lean Kiffin’s ex-wife, Layla Reaves-Bio, discussed her career, net worth, age, height, weight, children, etc.

She becomes more popular through the media after divorcing Lean. Everyone is also excited to know about her lifestyle, profession, and children after her divorce. Everything about Layla Reaves is explained briefly.

How do Lean and Layla meet together?

Lean Kiffin has had a perfect marital life in the past. He was married to Layla Reaves. Lean and Layla met in 1999 at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, when Kiffin went to visit Layla’s father as a graduate assistant. After that, they started continuously meeting and going on dates. After 3 months of dating, with the permission of Layla’s father, this couple engaged each other. On February 1, 2000, they married and started a beautiful, romantic married life. 

Who is Layla Reaves?

Layla Reaves was the ex-wife of famous American football coach Lean Kiffin, who is now head coach at the University of Mississippi

Layla Reaves’s biography 

Full nameLayla Reaves
Birth dateJanuary 3, 1974
Birth placeFlorida, US
Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight62 kg
SchoolBuchholz High School
UniversityUniversity of Florida
Fathers nameJohn Reaves
SiblingStep on Reaves and David Reaves
BoyfriendNo boyfriend

Layla was born on January 3, 1974, in Florida, US, into a Christian family. She is currently 49 years old. Her father is also a football player named John Reaves. She has two siblings named Stephen Reaves and David Reaves, who are also football players. In their profession, she was a famous media personality. She completes her schooling at Buchholz High School and her college career at the University of Florida.

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Layla Reaves’s career

As Layla was born in Florida, where they spent most of their lives. She completes her schooling at Buchholz High School and her college career at the University of Florida, earning her degree in 1996.She was not a famous social media personality. Furthermore, she never explains her professional life. So there is no more information about her professional life. After getting divorced from Lean, she revives approximately 34.5% of Lean’s earnings. 

Layla Reaves’s family 

Layla  belongs to a sports family. She was the daughter of the famous football player John Reaves. John has played in the NFL for 11 years. He also played for some popular teams like thePhiladelphia Eaglesthe Minnesota Vikings, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneersduring his prime years. Her father raised their three children himself after divorcing her mother. Layla has two brothers named Stephen Reaves and David Reaves. Her two brothers are also football players. 

Layla Reaves’s physical appearance 

Height: This beautiful and charming lady has a height of 5 feet 6 inches, which is 168 centimeters.

Weight: Layla’s weight is 62 kg, which is 137 lbs.

About Lean and Layla’s children 

After marriage, they have a happy married life with three kids. In 2005, they gave birth to a daughter, Landry; then, after 2 years, they gave birth to their second child, Pressley, in 2007, who is a boy; and after that, they gave birth to their third child, Monte Knox Kiffin, in 2009

Reason for the divorce of Lean and Layla 

After marriage, they have a happy married life with their three kids. 

Lean successfully maintained his family, while Layla was a good wife and mother. They both support their family emotionally, mentally, and financially. Due to this reason, this family was also the target of the media. 

After some time, it is announced that Lean has an extramarital affair with Kristen Saban, who is the daughter of Nick Saban.

Nick was the head coach of the Tide football team, while Lean was the disrespectful coordinator

But these allegations are only assumed and not proved officially. After that, Layal applied for divorce, and in March 2016, they both divorced each other officially. 

Since 2016, Layal has been single, has taken on all the responsibilities of her children, and is not married or dating anyone else. 

Layla Reaves’ net worth 

After the divorce, Layla doesn’t have any professional life. She gets famous as Lean Kiffin’s ex-wife. After the divorce, she gets a maintenance payment of around $2 million. Now Layla and her three children live in Manhattan Beach, which costs $1000 per month. 

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Layla Reaves’s social mediaaccount

Layla was not very active and popular on social media. She has 449 followers on Instagram and 3.8K followers on Twitter. 



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