Lashana Lynch Net Worth (June, 2023): Earnings, Age, Height, Husband, Biography

Lashana Lynch Net Worth: $3 million (approx.)

Leshana Lynch net worth is $3 million. Leshana Lynch is an English actress.

Lashana Lynch Net Worth

Leshana is is one of the richest and most popular actors in Hollywood. Leshana Lynch was born on 27 September, 1987.

Lashana Lynch Salary:

Lasana Lynch holds a staggering net worth of $2 million as of 2023. Marvel series has proved to be an impressive turn for Lasana lynch in case of her earnings.

Captain Marvel grossed 1.3 billion at the box office with a budget of $150 million. From her upcoming movie- James Bond  in which she played a pivotal role, the budget of the movie was 200 million.

Lashana Lynch Biography:

Lasana Lynch was born on 27th November, 1987. She is an English actress. Lashana is famous for playing the role of Rosaline Capulet in the a drama series Still Star Crossed in 2017. In Marvel Cinematic Universe Captain Marvel, Lashana Lynch played Maria Rambeau.

Lashana Lynch Biography

Lashana Lynch age is 34 years old. Her hometown is London, England. Lashana Lynch is an actress by profession and been in this industry since 2007. Lashana Lynch has received her schooling in Arts Educational.

Lashana Lynch Education:

Lashana Lynch has received her schooling in arts educational schools .She is actually a Jamaican Descent. Lascana Lynch is a graduate in B.A Acting course at a drama school in London.

Lashana Lynch TV & Movies Career:

Lasana Lynch began her career in London theatre scene. She played unconventional roles such as Tybalt in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. She also played Rita in educating Rita.

She has given appearance in Silent Witness and Death in Paradise. She has been a cast member in the short lived BBC comedy ‘Crims’ in 2015.

She starred opposite ‘Lenny Henry’ in 2015 for playing the role of Chichester festival theater production of educating Rita by Willie Russell.

Lynch was casted as a leasing character of Rosaline Capulet in the American drama Still Star Crossed by Shonda Rhimes.

Five years later from her debut film ‘The Bill’ she made her debut role of Belly Newman in Fast Girls which was a drama movie.

Fast girls was her debut film in 2017. This production was presented at 2012 Cannes Film where she played the role of a runner from a British team and nominated for World Athletics championship. She was also an essential part of BBC television film the 7.39 along with David Morrissey Olivia Colman and Sheridan Smith.

Lashana Lynch had entered American film industry in 2017 and first casted as Rosaline Capulet- the female lead in still star -crossed series. She was casted as a Bond girl with Daniel Craig, Lee Seydox and Naomie Harris.

Lashana Lynch Upcoming Movies:

In the upcoming installments of James Bond series titled as bond 25. Lashana Lynch will also portray the main role of agent 355 in the upcoming series ‘Y’ which is a comic book series  based on the last man with by Brian K Vaughan and Pia Guerra.

  • Matilda which describes an extraordinary girl with sharp mind and vivid imagination who dares to stand against her oppressive parents and head teacher to change her story getting miraculous results. Its release date is 25 November 2022 directed by Mathew Warchus. It will air on Netflix
  • The marvel which will be released on 28th July 2023 directed by Nia DaCosta. It will be distributed by Walt Disney studios motion pictures. This movie is an upcoming superhero film based on the comics of marvel featuring mini famous actors.
  • The woman king which will be released on 16th September 2022 directed by Gina Prince Bythewood. It is an historical epic describing the true events that happened in the Kingdom of Dahomey in the 18th and 19th centuries in the states of Africa.

Lashana Lynch Boyfriend:

Lashana Lynch is a private person and has kept her relationship status private from the media. She has a lot of pictures with Demola  Adelaja on her Instagram handle but she hasn’t clarified anything about it.

Lashana Lynch Awards:

Lynch won an award for Distinction along with Niecy Nash and Melina Matsoukas during the black women in Hollywood awards 2020. Lashana Lynch was also the proud recipient of  BAFTP a Rising Star Award in 2021.

Lashana Lynch Age, Height, Weight:

Lashana Lynch Age is 31 years.

Lashana Lynch Height is 5feet 9 inches.

Lashana Lynch Weight is 62 kg.

Lashana Lynch Interesting Facts:

  • Lashana Lynch’s first acting role was Pinocchio.
  • She was inspired for acting through Disney.
  • She has played multiple roles for Shakespeare’s play.
  • She is a singer.
  • She will be the 8th 007 in the movies.
  • She is the first person of color to play 007.
  • She has watched all the James Bond movies.
  • She had to go through ninja training to play the role of 007. 007 wasn’t her first time stepping into the role played by men
  • She is really good at keeping secrets.
  • She is originally a British.
  • It was her dream to feature in the marvels

Lashana Lynch Philanthropy:

Lynch supports the NGO action aid UK that helps women in precarious situation and also the women who are the victim of violence  and protects  their children