diljit dosanjh address farmers at singhu border

Learn it from Diljit Dosanjh how to answer Kangana Ranaut without falling to her standards

Kangana Ranaut reacted to a news reported by Times Now which featured a picture from the farmer’s protest. The report stated that the protest has been hijacked. Later, Kangana said that whoever asked her to apologise for what she has been saying in the past few days, must apologise to her as she was right. The actress then made a tweet stating that she is the mother of all fathers and what she said was true. At the end of the tweet, Kangana wrote, “#Diljit_Kitthe_aa.” Moving on, Ranaut shared pictures of her and tweeted her schedule of the day. While the actress asked her fans how she looks in yellow, she also wrote “#Diljit_Kitthe_aa ?” And, Kangana said, “Everyone is looking for him here on Twitter,” asking why is Diljit off social media today.

In return, replying to the KANGANA tweet , Diljit Dosanjh reacted with an answer. He tweeted in Punjabi and wrote, “Subha Uth Ke GYM Laya..Fer Sara Din Kam Kita .. Hun Mai Saun Lagga Haan..AH Lao Fadh Lao MERA SCHEDULE #MeraSchedule #AaJa #Aaja” In his tweet, Diljit shared what he did today and said that he got up in the morning, then worked the whole day. He added that he is going off to bed now, and asked Kangana to now read his schedule. Both the actors took swipes at each other

Meanwhile, the Twitterati started trending #Diljit_Kitthe_aa on Twitter, asking the singer where is he and where is he hiding. As many farmer’s and old women we’re alleged spotted holding placards (undergoes pictures) demanding the release of a terrorist, one user tweeted, “#Diljit_Kitthe_aa The traitors are demanding the release of the person arrested for terrorist [email protected] where are you? Where is Punjabi Mother & Grandmother?” 

Social media users questioned where is Diljit Dosanjh. Many questioned Diljit and asked where is he now when the farmer’s protest has taken a different turn. The social media users also criticized Diljit’s reply to Kangana for not reacting to the main issue

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