Lola Young Net Worth (June, 2023): Earnings, Age, Height, Family, Biography

Lola Young Net Worth: $500,000 (approx.)

Lola Young Net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. Lola Young is upcoming famous singer and song writer from UK.

Lola Young Net worth

Lola Young has signed record deals with Capital Records, Island Records, And Day One. Lola Young Social Media handles have followers in great numbers like

  • Instagram – 40k (2022)
  • Twitter- 3.7k (2022)
  • Youtube – 14.6k (2022)

Lola’s songs got millions of streams on Spotify and other platforms. Live shows bring a lot of audiences which also boosts her income. Lola Young also earns from Sponsorship, Endorsement and album sales

Lola Young Net worth

Lola Young has her dedicated website from which she earns a lot by selling venue tickets.( . She earned $144.75 to $241.25 per sponsored post from her social media handle Instagram.

According to her social media platforms we can conclude that she spends a luxurious lifestyle.

Lola Young Biography:

A girl who started writing songs at the age of 11. Now she is having all the potential and spirit to become the next biggest talent in the UK.

Lola Young Biography

Currently, Lola Young age is 20 years. Lola is from South London and comes from a musical family. Completed her education at the Brit School.

After getting an education she started the journey of becoming a euphonious voice in the UK. Lola started living her dreams and breathing music. She immersed herself in music. She says that it requires hard work in learning how to sing.

Lola Young Career:

Growing up in south London and with an sense of direction and personal drive, Lola immersed herself in music. “It’s been a part of my life since I had my first memory,” she says. “And I’ve been singing since I could talk. Not that I was a good singer then. I really had to learn, practice, get lessons and teach myself. Hard work was involved when it came to me learning how to sing. People might say, ‘It sounds like you were born with that voice.’ It was not the case at all.” 

Lola has been living music for nearly half her life. Lola started writing songs aged 11, and by the time she reached 13, she had already competed in (and won) a national open mic competition and appeared on a television show.

At the age of 13 (In 2016) she participated in a national open mic competition and she won. That was telecasted on television and it motivated young talents. In 2019 her first album arrived on Spotify and it was called Intro.

She started spending her time in studios along with great award-winning producers. And later on, she released the songs are :

Intro Album – 2019

Pick Me Up – 2020

Same Bed – 2020

None for you – 2020

● Woman – 2020

● Fake – 2021

● Pill or a Lullaby – 2021

● Ruin My MakUp – 2021

● Blue – 2021

● Bad Game – 2021

● Bad Tattoo – 2021

● After Midnight – 2021

● Together In Electric Dreams – 2021

● So Sorry – 2022

● Blind Love – 2022

Lola Young did many live shows. In September 2021, Her original track ‘Fake‘ premiered on BBC Radio. She told me the actual meaning of the Fake song which is about remembering the core of who you are. And she said that she hopes whoever hears this song will relate and feels a sense of empowerment towards things or anyone who made them feel inadequate in their life.

Lola Young also supported the tour of Dermot Kennedy in the UK. Lola also performed the track live on James Corden’s The Late Late Show.

On 8th November 2021, She did her first ever tour around Europe and the United Kingdom. She covered major cities like Dublin, Birmingham, London and Manchester. And she too stopped in Amsterdam.

Lola’s biggest hit is Blind Love, which got two million streams on Spotify.’Fake’ The powerful song with a powerful voice got good reviews from music lovers. Ruin My Make Up was out on Island Records and it showed the soothing voice of Lola with lyrics like a sharp knife.

Lola Young Age, Height and weight :

● Lola Young Age is 21 years.

● Lola Young age Height is 5ft 7 inch or 171 cms.

● Lola Young Weight is 58 kg.

Lola Young family :

● Lola Young only reveals that she comes from a music background.

● The identity of her parents is still unclear.

●Lola never shared her relationship status publicly. So there is no information about her relationship.

● As soon as we will get information, we will update it on our website.

Lola Young Upcoming concerts:

● Nutley, UK – 5 August 2022

● Atherstone, UK – 11 August 2022

Eisenhuttenstadt, Germany – 11 August 2022

● Hamburg, Germany – 19, August 2022

● Kingham, UK – 26 August 2022

● Zurich, Switzerland- 17 Sept 2022

Lola Young Achievements:

● At the age of 13, she won a national open mic competition in 2016.

● Lola performed at the White City.

● She was nominated at the BRIT Awards 2022. The 02 Arena on 8 February 2022 in London, England.

● Performed at Graham Norton Show.

Lola Young Interesting facts:

● She never loved going to school.

● Her work is managed by big figures in the industry Nick Shymansky and Nick Hugget.

● She started giving her performance at the age of 13, in front of a live audience.

● She made her first income when she won in national open mic competition.

● She falls in her first love at the age of 14.

● The first record she bought was Avril Lavigne’s Let Go.

● She was greatly impressed with the live show of Prince.

● She went through surgery for the throat, and she had to stop talking for three days. She keeps on writing words to convey her messages.

● She wrote the ” Bad Tattoo ” song with her friends, Conor and Will

● She feels that she will open herself to music.

● Lola’s top 3 favourite artists are Anderson, Frank Ocean and Joni Mitchell.

● Lola always loved poetry.