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Money Talks is a 1997 American comedy film directed by Brett Ratner. Looked for by police and criminals, a small-time huckster makes a deal with a TV newsman for his own protection.

Chris Tucker and Charlie Sheen star as two desperate men who discover that they need each other … and that Money Talks Fast-talking con man Franklin Hatchett (Tucker) is wrongully accused of killing cops and needs protection from the police, the mob and his pregnant girlfriend.

Struggling television newsman James Russell (Sheen) needs a story. The two meet, and it’s like a match to gasoline as they dodge bullets in a series of hair-raising escapes involving big diamonds, fast cars and a deadly game of hide-and-seek.

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Director: Brett Ratner
Writers: Joel Cohen, Alec Sokolow
Stars: Charlie Sheen, Chris Tucker, Heather Locklear

Tucker has a personal triumph. He’s funny in that cocky, freefall way that Carrey and Jerry Lewis get away with: He’s floating on inspiration and improvisation, like a musician.

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