FIFA World Cup Budget, Revenue, Expenses 2022

FIFA World Cup Budget:

The budget of the football world cup 2022 is estimated to be $220 billion dollars.

The matches will be held this year in Qatar. Fans have anticipated great enthusiasm and entertainment from the games this year.

After covid-19 and many such catastrophes in the past few years, this event is sure going to be refreshing. This means that there is a lot of money involved. With great excitement comes great responsibility.

This obviously means Qatar will have to do its best to keep the spirit alive. Let us break down how the budget for this world cup is going to be spent.


The world cup, originally known as the FIFA world cup began in the year 1930. It has been held consistently after every four years since then. The exception was during world war 2.


It is an international football competition with countries from all around the world participating. For years, it has been one of the most popular games.  It has never failed to leave fans exhilarated.

FIFA World Cup Expenses 2022

What makes this time special?

While in 2018 it was held in Russia, this year, it is going to take place in Qatar.  The net worth for the same is more than 20 times the one compared to the last tournaments. the budget for the FIFA world cup 2018 was estimated to be 11.6 billion. So one cannot help but wonder why and how is Qatar spending so much on these games.


  • A great deal of the money that is considered a contributor to expenses is the prize money. The prize money is basically the amount the teams rather than the players receive for winning the games. This not only includes the amount earned by the winners but also money given to teams for qualifying and playing particular matches. The cost of this is 440 million dollars.
  • Operational expenses include ticketing, event transport, hospitality, guest management, communications, referee services, etcetera. It is basically all the money invested in making the event take place smoothly. Even though these may seem insignificant, when the sum is added, they do cost a lot f money. The operational expenses this year are estimated to be 322 million dollars.
  • TV operations and marketing rights. These mainly include the expenses incurred while broadcasting the games worldwide. As we all know, not all of us can go to Qatar to watch the games. The only source for us to keep a track of the games is the television and other streaming services. This is also why marketing is essential. Be it through television social media or other platforms. Since they are the most important source of revenue, THE WORLD CUP has spent 280 million dollars on the same.
  • Stadium expenses. Qatar this year, planned on spending 4 billion dollars on the infrastructure and stadiums. However, due to the need for advanced infrastructure, the construction costs are now said to be around 10 billion dollars. This money includes building stadiums, residential hotels, better airports, and a metro system. Learn more about the stadium expenses here:

FIFA stadium expenses Net worth

FIFA World Cup Revenue:

The FIFA games held in the year 2018, hosted by Russia were said to have 3.5 billion viewers. This year, the world cup has predicted to have 5 billion viewers worldwide.

  • Tourism- the football world cup, beinginsanely famous in the entire world, is naturally expected to welcome thousands of fans. People do not hesitate to book air tickets and fly all across the world just to support their favorite team in these games. This is why tourism is going to get great revenue to Qatar. It is estimated to earn 4 billion dollars through tourism. Qatar Tourism Revenue
  • Television broadcasting – this is the most important source of income for the world cup. It is said to cover 56% of the total revenue that is estimated to be generated. The match will be streamed worldwide in over 100 countries. It will also be available on various streaming platforms. Each of these is going to pay a royalty for the tournament. This can be rounded off to around 4,666 million dollars
  • Hospitality rights and ticket sales. The hospitality of the players, the audience, and the ticket sales are other important sources of income. Needless to say, they have to be perfect to ensure the reputation of Qatar gets notably superior. The total revenue it is expected to generate is 500 million dollars. 


So you may be wondering, why is the cost of the world cup this year so high? As we all saw, compared to last year, the Qatar world cup costs way more than it should. Well, the reason for this is the Qatar plan for 2030.

The Qatar plan’s motive is to transform Qatar into an innovation hub by the year 2030. Qatar will become an advanced sustainable society for generations to come. It included advanced infrastructures such as better hotels, airways, and metro systems. The cost of this is estimated to be 200 billion. Qatar Plan 2030

The world cup has been the key supporter to help Qatar reach this huge milestone.

According to  Al Thawadi, “The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 represents an opportunity to bring the peoples of the world closer together, offering a perfect football version and an integrated experience that shows the Qatari customs, traditions, culture, and Arab hospitality, as well as changing the stereotype of the Arab world, leaving a legacy that serves the people of the region and the whole world,”

World cup is the key supporter of Qatar national vision

Football World Cup Investments and sponsorships:

A majority of the investments this year are said to be from the united states, Qatar and China. Some of the notable companies include Vivo, Byju’s, Visa, Coca-Cola, and Mcdonald’s.

Six companies from Qatar have sponsored this event. It makes sense since a majority of sponsorship comes from the companies that host such games. However, there has been a rise in the number of Chinese companies sponsoring the world cup. In fact, they currently dominate the chart of companies who have invested in the event. The following are the contributions of countries through their companies of origin.

  • CHINA – 206.67 million dollars
  • THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – 128.5 million dollars
  • QATAR – 134 million dollars
  • Others – 184. 5 million dollars

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