King Charles Net Worth 2023: Earnings, Age, Height, Biography

King Charles net worth: $600 Million

King Charles net worth is around $600 Million.

King Charles net worth

On the fateful day of 8th September 2022, the queen of England, Elizabeth II passed away. With this, on the same very day,  the title of the king of England landed upon her first-born son, now recognized as King Charles III.

King Charles is now the monarch of this county will be playing his mother’s role in this constitutional monarchy.

The title of king certainly comes with a lot of responsibility, and respect. A king is loved and cherished by all of his subjects. But come to think of it, one may often wonder, how much does the monarch of England earn? What must his net worth be? Now that the queen is no more, will he inherit everything that the queen owned?

As mentioned above, the net worth of King Charles the third is around six hundred million dollars. But that is just his personal wealth. What about his royal net worth? 

Since he has supreme authority over the monarchy, the wealth indirectly belongs to him, and how much is it? In this article, we are going to break down all the aspects of his sources of income, mostly personal and calculator the net worth of the King.

King Charles Income (2023):

Being a king does not mean entirely owning the assets of the Monarchy, at least not anymore. These are several properties and luxuries owned by the British Monarchy that the King will have no control over. He may live in them and use them, but he can never sell those as they belong to the State of Britain and are not personal to him.

For example, Buckingham Palace isn’t owned by any members of the British monarchy.

So what are his other sources of income? While there may be many, the main, and probably the most important of them all will be the Duchy of Cornwell, The Duchy of Lanchester, and the Crown Estates.

King Charles The Crown Estates-

It is the major source of income for the king. It is a collection of land owned by the British Monarch. Part of this is owned by the state as well. The total worth of these can be estimated to be $19 billion dollars. However, the King cannot sell these. The estimated income of these is said to be $400 million every year and $100 million of this is given to the royal family. More information on this will be given in the Crown Estate’s financial report

King Charles The Duchy –

The Duchy of Cornwell is no longer owned by the king, however, he still owns the Duchy of Lanchester. It is said that the King earns around $24 million dollars a year from his Duchy.

King Charles Biscuits Business:

King Charles started a biscuits business in 2008 to gain donations for his charitable funds. The brand named ‘Duchy Organics’ sells organic biscuits and promises to give the profits earned to charity and for kind purposes. This brand has helped him raise around thirty five million dollars.

(a product of duchy organics)

King Charles Personal Assets:

The personal income includes many, assets owned by the King. if we count them, the list could go beyond the mark of a hundred. However, if we count the main components that make up these assets, we can include his cars, jewelry owned, art pieces, expensive accessories, and the most important contributor, the real estate.

Although these assets are too expensive and play a huge part in the income, they are also too many to mention. This list would also include some weird, unnecessary, and crazy things that the King of England owns. 

The Dartmoor prison, the Isles of Scilly, and an eighteen-karat gold Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Chronographic watch that he owns the worth if which is estimated to be around a $100 million dollars. Needless to say, these are some cars and houses that are so expensive and worth mentioning, that we absolutely cannot ignore them in this article.

King Charles Cars:

Since King Charles has inherited all the personal items of Queen Elizabeth as well, naturally a of her cars will be added to the net worth of our new King.

King Charles Cars
(the royal Bentley State Limousine, previously used by the queen)

State Cars are a concept that we must take note of the state cars are used by the royal family and the senior officers of the royal court to attend national ceremonies and all the events in which monarchial representation is required. These include five cars, namely two Bentleys and three Rolls-Royces.

Learn more about the State Cars

Along with these, there are cars personally owned by King Charles III. Some of the notable among those will be

  1. Aston Martin DB6 MK II.

This is because the car was produced in 1971 and is such a rare piece for a collector, that currently, its worth could even be around three hundred and eighty-three million dollars.

Aston Martin DB6 MK II
(a photo of young King Charles III and the late Princess Diana in Aston Martin DB6 MK II)
  1. Audi A8 Limo

This is another expensive, beautiful car owned by the King. the car has some amazing, convenient features and costs the sweet price of eighty-four million dollars.

  1. Jaguar XJ

This can be said as the King’s favorite car as he is often seen riding around in it along with his wife. The car costs around seventy million bucks. One of the most distinctive features of this car is that it has a very low rate of emission which makes it extremely environmentally friendly.

Jaguar XJ
(King Charles in his Jaguar XJ)

More information about the cars owned by King Charles

King Charles Houses:

Being the king of England, if we count all the property that the king owns, we may reach the count of billions. However, a lot of those things are included in the royal estate, which although belong to Charles, he has no authority over them. He cannot sell them but simply reside in them as the King of England. There are some houses that he owns and has authority and control over. Since we are counting his personal income, we will be considering the estates solely owned by King Charles III. 


This beautiful house was built in the 18th century, the house currently receives around three hundred thousand visitors a year. It has huge gardens and it is a quaint place to reside at. The official price of the house is unknown however its cost can be estimated to be around 900 thousand euros.

Highgrove House

(The Highgrove Residence)
  1. The Balmoral Home

The house was made in the 17th century and is a fifty-three thousand acre home located in Scotland. It was inherited by King Charles in 20002 upon the death of Queen Mother.  The house is estimated to cost around one hundred and forty million dollars.

  1. The Carmarthenshire Home

This home was brought by the King himself in 2006. It is a beautiful home that took him forty years to find. The house located in Carmarthenshire was sold at $1.2 million dollars.

The Carmarthenshire Home

It is to be noted that these are just a  few major properties and cars owned by the King.

King Charles Wealth Earned through the Queen:

Being the firstborn of the late queen Elizabeth II, King Charles obviously acquired all of his mother’s wealth.

King Charles with queeen elizabeth
(a picture of  King Charles III and his late mother Queen Elizabeth II )

According to Forbes, the King acquired $500 million dollars of the Queen’s wealth. Thanks to the Inheritance policies in England, the royals are not charged with a 40% inheritance tax, in fact, they are not charged with any tax at all! These are just the personal assets that the queen owned.