Niki Zafanya Boyfriend: Dating History, Ex- boyfriend, Relationships

Niki Zafanya Boyfriend:

Niki Zefanya, also known as “Niki”, is an Indonesian singer, composer, and record producer. She rose to prominence after posting her music videos on YouTube, where she amassed a sizable fan base. Niki is also noted for her calming vocals, insightful lyrics, and blending of several musical genres such as R&B, pop, and techno music. 

Niki Zafanya

She was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, and spent her adolescent years as a student at a Christian high school, an experience she now characterizes on the aptly called album track “High School in Jakarta” as “a modern Sparta,” “an elaborate saga,” and “a comedy drama.”  She left her hometown after graduation to attend a Christian liberal arts university in Nashville, Tennessee, where she majored in music. 

Niki Zefanya boyfriend

In less than a year, she left school to join 88rising, a young media organisation and record label that was making waves in the music business with its roster of primarily Asian artists. Zefanya made her “NIKI” debut in 2017 as the label’s first female signing, releasing two smooth R&B tunes and exuding confidence in every way. She had amassed several lifetimes’ worth of identities and experiences spanning time, location, and genre by the time she released her first EP, “Zephyr,” in 2018 and her debut album, “Moonchild,” in 2020.

Niki Zefanya boyfriend: Jacob Ray

Besides Jacob Ray, there is no information regarding Nikki’s past relationships. Niki and Jacob ray, who is also a musician by profession, started seeing each other around July 2019. Jacob Ray has also worked with Zefanya on her debut album “Moonchild”. 

On July 18, 2021, Niki and Jacob Ray marked their second year of togetherness. They haven’t discussed their initial interactions, though. Jacob Ray, has always been incredibly appreciative for everything that he has done and accomplished in his life. This statement also includes his relationship with Niki Zefanya who he always adored and nurtured for being a part of his life. They were also seen together when Niki Zefanya was being honoured in Billboard during July–August 2022.

The couple was also seen together in the airport, indicating that they have likely taken trips together. The couple has demonstrated compatibility and understanding in a positive way. The fact that they both came from the same industry contributed to the strong compatibility in their relationship. A pet named Lucy was also adopted by the couple, and its first birthday was even celebrated.

Niki Zefanya had at least a few relationships, but other than her relationship with Jacob Ray, she was not outspoken about any of them. They are not yet engaged. We may therefore deduce that they are still together and that they will likely appear together more frequently on social media and in public.


Zefanya provided deeply contemplative and introspective songs about growing up and the exhilarating crash-and-burn of adolescent love from behind her pink mike stand and through the strings of her mint green guitar. 

Niki Zefanya

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Interestingly, Zefanya, who was the first and is now likely the most recognisable female face of 88rising, was not born in America and was raised in Asia, yet she has found herself at the forefront of “Asian American” music and culture. Zefanya is open and honest about the path she went to eventually comprehend and feel a sense of belonging inside this cultural identity. Zefanya admits that settling down in the United States hasn’t always been easy and that she didn’t feel completely at home until around 2020. 

Zefanya’s attempt to integrate her family life in Jakarta with her work and adult life in LA can sometimes be lost in the glitz and glamour. Despite her best efforts, her relationship with “home” is tumultuous. This is all we know about the popular Indonesian singer Niki we will  be sharing more information regarding her life and career when we get to know some more intricate details regarding Zenfaya.