Taapsee Pannu opens about IT raids on womens day

In a candid interview on the eve of Women’s Day actor Taapsee Pannu spoke to The Quint about a range of issues from dealing with sexual harassment in public places while growing up in Delhi, to handling toxic online trolls and how the #MeToo movement has changed things within the Hindi film industry.


Taapsee who made headlines recently for the income tax raids on her premises, also shared with us that she had nothing to fear because she has done “nothing wrong”.

Regarding the news of Rs 5 crore worth of cash receipts having been allegedly found after the I-T raids, the actor laughs and says that she herself wants to know where the Rs 5 crore is since she’s not been offered that kind of an amount for anything in her life yet.

i did not expect to happen. For my family, it was out of the blue. I know i am in public eye and i pay a cost of being the public figure.

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