Paris Texas Net Worth (June, 2023): Earnings, Age, Height, Girlfriend

Paris Texas Net Worth: $500 Thousands

Paris Texas Net Worth is around $500 Thousands. Paris Texas is an iconic duo of rappers.

Paris Texas Net Worth

The members of this duo are recognized as Louie Pastel and Felix. Louis Pastel is the producer of those sick beats and Felix is the rapper rapping on those sick beats. However, these are not their real names.

They mostly rap in the genre of Experimental Hip-Hop, Alternative Hip-hop, and punk rap. They started their music career in 2019 and have been actively producing music since then. They come from Los Angeles, California. As of now, they have produced seven albums, singles, and eps.

This duo seems to have made quite a name for themselves, especially among the music listeners in the field of hip hop. They had their breakthrough when they released their song ‘Heavy Metal’ in around a year ago. Their music can be found on all the major streaming platforms but is quite well-known on Youtube Music, and Spotify.

They have also started making music videos in the past year which has also received a get response. They have social media accounts where they promote their music as well. 

Paris Texas Youtube Income:

As mentioned above, the duo has recently started uploading music videos on their youtube channel. Even if they do not post a music video for their songs, they do have a lyric video for each of the songs uploaded. On their channel, we can find the music/lyric videos for all of their singles, albums, and eps.

Paris Texas
(a glimpse from their music video ‘Force of Habit’)

Along with this, they also upload youtube shorts (thirty-second videos) to promote their music on these platforms. And seems to be working because, even though they started making and uploading their videos just a year ago, as of now, they have over thirty-three thousand subscribers on youtube, and are about to hit four million views on their videos.

Their music videos with the highest views are ‘Force of Habits’ and ‘Heavy metal’ both of which have received around seven hundred and fifty thousand (750K) views each. Given that youtube pays around six dollars per thousand views, they easily earn an average of twenty-four thousand dollars via youtube. 


Paris Texas Spotfiy Earnings:

Just like youtube, the duo has a lot of listeners on Spotify as well, if not more. They started uploading music at the same time they uploaded music on Spotify. Now they have a banging record of around three hundred and fifty thousand monthly listeners.

They upload their singles, albums, and eps on this platform.  The stats also show that the majority of their listeners come from LA, the place of the band’s origin. Their most played and popular songs even here are, ‘force of habit’ and ‘heavy metal’. Each of them has over 8 million and six million plays

(their album on Spotify)

respectively. If we consider aloof their songs and eps together, the total number of listeners they have right now is around twenty-four million.  The Spotify algorithm pays around $0.004 dollars for every play. If we do calculate From these stats, their income from Spotify can be estimated to be around $10k dollars.

Paris Texas Spotify Account


Even though Spotify and youtube are the major streaming platforms for producers, there are other platforms as well where they do upload their music. Some of these are :

Amazon Music Paris Texas Amazon Music link

Apple Music Paris Texas Apple Music

Soundcloud  Paris Texas SoundCloud

However the total number of listeners or followers on these apps does not seem to be more than 100 thousand and the plays for each songs are still comparatively lower, when compared to their popularity on youtube and Spotify.

Their total income from all of these platforms combined can be one hundred thousand dollars. 

Paris Texas Income Via Brand Endorsements

The pair haven’t really done any brand endorsements until now. No, after which social media we stalk or concert we watched, the duo has never done any brand endorsements in their name. Hence the money coming via brands is not to be considered while counting the net worth.

Paris Texas House:

From the beginning, we don’t know much about much about the duo of rappers. Hence it is hard to tell between the houses they live in and the cars they own. All we know until now is that the duo lives in LA. yet, there is a possibility that the two of them own several other apartments throughout America since they keep touring. 

Paris Texas History:

The duo has had quite a fun career in music. They both met via a common friend and have been producing music since then. They have been producing music since 2014 when they were just in high school. They made their first debut in 2019, however their first famous single, ‘heavy metal’ released in February 2021 was what actually launched their career. since then, they have produced many singles, albums, and eps. Their first debut mixtape, ‘Boy Anonymous’ was launched in May 2021. This tape included the songs ‘heavy metal’, ‘situation’, ‘Force of Habit’, and such more five other tracks.   After this album became fairly successful, they continued to release great music. 

(their album, ‘boy anonymous’)

More information regarding the begining of the career of the duo

Paris Texas Relationships:

They have been producing music since a very young age. Both of them have had a knack for making music and producing beats for a very long time. After a point in the music industry, they felt the competition increase. It was like their idols had turned into their competitors which may actually be the dreams of many artists out there!

As far as relationships are concerned, the duo doesn’t have any interest in giving any sort of information about their family and forget about their signifiacn others. They prefer to focus on talking more about their music instead of stuff like this

Paris Texas Radio Interview

Paris Texas Interesting Facts:

Here are some interesting facts about the duo!

Even though they identify themselves as Louie Pastel and Felix, they haven’t revealed their real names yet.

They met at high school via a common friend and bound over their love for a particular artist.

Paris Texas

They never aimed on getting fame, their main focus was making music

Louis Pastel is the talkative, friendly, happy-to-go person out of the two

On the other hand, Felix is the quiet, reserved, think-before you speak kind of person

They like to define their music as ‘i don’t know what playlist to put this into’ kind of music

Even though they look pretty different, people always confuse them with each other which they find pretty hilarious

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