Rapid Ops Net Worth: Revenue, Achievements, Wikipedia, Founders

Rapid Ops Net Worth:$60 Million (approx.)

Rapid Ops Net worth is about $60 millions. Rapid Ops is a technology, transformation and analytics company. Rapid Ops motive is to design, engineer, and launch advanced digital products and platform.

Rapid Ops Net Worth

Rapid Ops is a company which has completed almost a decade in technology market but it has recently digitalised it’s most of the work during lockdown. And this move is proving a Fortune builder for them. They had recently shown much growth as compared to their past own self. They are the Charlotte’s fifth fastest growing technology company according to CBJ.

Rapid Ops Revenue / Earnings:

 The company since it’s establishment was making around 100k Dollars every year for its initial years. The revenue started increasing with the time and the company crossed one million mark revenue in 2013. In 2016 company’s revenue touched 2 million mark. And from when it got digitalised it is making about $5-7 Millions of dollars every year. The Revenue for the year 2021 was fairly $5.7 million dollars.

Rapid Ops EBITDA, Total Assets, and Liabilities

The records given below are for the past three years of  Rapid Ops since the business model took on web mode of application for primary purposes:

  • Rapid Ops EBITDA: It has increased by 758.11% .
  • Rapid Ops Total Assets: The Total Assets for the brand have increased by 65% .
  • Rapid Ops Liabilities: Liabilities have gone up by 56.43% in the last three years.

There is not exact information about the value assets this brand holds but the total sum of these assets is around $20 million.

Rapid Ops Net Worth 2022:

Rapid Ops is one of the best worth carrying company in the world. It will fall in  cateogry of startup companies of we only take in account the last three years of Digitalised Rapid Ops.

While the exact net worth is never known if the company is not going in Stock Market, the Net worth of Rapid Ops is approximated to be around $60 million. We have taken the example of two big corporates and their annual revenues, incomes and market valuation. This is on the average side of the consideration with the following assumption.

Apple Revenue, net worth, earnings report 2021:

  • $365 bn revenue
  • $95 bn profit
  • $2800 bn net worth

Google Revenue, net worth, earnings report 2021

  • $256 bn revenue
  • $76 billion profit
  • $1700 Bn Net worth

So, if you see the valuation or the net worth of these two corportates, you will find that the net worth varies between 6-10 times the yearly revenue. This net worth assessment is logical considering the market valuation based on the earnings.

Other approach of net worth calculation can be from the profit/ income perspective and finding the multiplying factor to reach the net worth.

Here, in the above two examples, for Apple net worth is almost 30 times the income. For Google, net worth is around 20 times of the yearly income.

We assume that the Net worth is more logically connected to the revenue. Hence ,for valuing rapid ops,We have taken a multiple of around 10 of the yearly revenue to reach a Net Worth of around $60 million for Rapid Ops.

Rapid Ops Wikipedia:

Rapid Ops was founded by Dipesh Patel, Jayesh Mori and Samir Motwani on May 5, 2008. It’s headquarters are in East Coast zone of Southern U.S. located in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. There are about 400-500 employees working in that headquarters right now in the private company. It is also known as Rapidops.Inc

It was brought to India by the current CEO and co-founder Samir Motwani in 2012. He established it’s quarters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and about 300 employees work there. Recently they celebrated their 10 years of successfully operating in the tech world.

  RapidOps : Driven by Impact  

“We build and transform businesses by launching market- leading digital products, platforms and experiences that fuel their growth. : Tech + Business + Talent “

This is the motive of company that is stated on their website for the explanation of their work.

Quick Facts about Rapid Ops :

  • Rapid Ops CEO – Samir Motwani
  • Rapid Ops Headquarters –

# In India : Ahmedabad, Gujarat 

# International : Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.

# In India : About 300

# International : 400-500

  • E mail – [email protected]pidops.com
  • Company Registered Name – RapidOps Solutions Private Limited
  • Trademarked Name – RapidOps.Inc
  • Outline – RapidOps : Driven by Impact

Rapid Ops Industry and Sectors Division:

  1. Rapid Ops Industry : Software Industry, Internet Industry, Computer Science Industry and Professional Services
  2. Rapid Ops Sector : Enterprise Software Division, IOT Sector, Web Design and Development and IT services

Rapid Ops Accolades and Alliances:

The company has accolades with one of the reputed brands i.e. with Inc5000 that sees through it promotional and marketing sectors along with the media department. This deal was recently done after Inc5000 featured RpidOps in one of its listings.

RapidOps have a strong alliance with Clutch for the hardware parts required for the products the company make. This alliance is fromthe early days of the company and is still till now.

Rapid Ops User Feedback

“I have brought Rapidops in for massive digital transformation projects at my last three companies (all different industries) and will continue to do so. I am impressed with the exceptional quality, expertise, and speed they brought to the table.”  said Chase Cabanillas (CIO, Flexprint) after they worked with RapidOps. The company has also collaborated with other companies of which some are: Harris Teeter, Kroger, Dassualt Systems, Big Commerce, Salesmato, Tresata etc.

Rapid Ops Employee Feedback:

Via glassdoor.co.in an ex employee mentioned that it is a great company to work with and Recommended it of positive outlook.

He praised it for its time flexibility, Perks, Yearly trips, and the festival celebrations along with praising the great management.

Rapid Ops Achievements:

  • Rapid Ops ranks 5th in Charlotte’s Fastest Growing technology companies list by CBJ.
  • In a list of Fastest-growing private companies in U.S. it ranked #1312. This list was provided by Inc500 after which RapidOps became their accolades.
  • Rapid Ops has a 3 year growth rate of 314%.

Rapid Ops Interesting Facts:

  • They are showing at least 30% growth in Revenue since last three years give or take.
  • Rapid Ops have completed 14+ years in tech world.
  • Rapid Ops have certified 250+ experts working for them.
  • Rapid Ops have launched about 210+ product till date.