Ricky Martin Net Worth 2023: Salary, Age, Height, Partner, Biography

Ricky Martin Net Worth: $150 Million (approx.)

Net Worth:$150 Million (approx.)
Date of Birth:Dec 24, 1971
Age:51 years
Height:5 ft 11 in (1.816 m)
Profession:Actor, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Author, Singer, Songwriter
Nationality:Puerto Rico

Ricky Martin’s Net Worth is around $150 million. Ricky Martin is a famous Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, and actor.

Ricky Martin Net Worth
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Ricky Martin is known for his musical versatility, as his work spans multiple genres, including Latin pop, pop, dance, reggaeton, and salsa

What is Ricky Martin Net Worth?:

Ricky Martin net worth is around $150 million. After a long and successful career, Ricky Martin has earned the moniker “King of Latin Pop.”

Ricky Martin Net Worth

With over 70 million record sales worldwide, Ricky is one of the most commercially successful Latin artists. Martin’s work in the late 90s is credited with taking Latin pop to the mainstream of US music culture.

Ricky Martin’s House:

In November 2016, Ricky Martin paid $13.5 million for a property in Beverly Hills, California. At the same time Ricky listed a New York City apartment for $8.4 million. Ricky Martin previously owned a house in Beverly Hills which he sold in 2006 for $15 million and a different NYC condo which he sold in 2015 for $7.55 million.

Ricky Martin also owns a villa in Madrid, a private island off the coast of Rio de Janeiro and a large property in his home country of Puerto Rico.

Ricky Martin singer biography:

BornEnrique Martín Morales
December 24, 1971 (age 51)
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Years active1984–present
OrganizationMartin Music Lab,Ricky Martin Foundation
Spouse(s)Jwan Yosef ​(m. 2017)​
Musical career
GenresLatin pop,pop,dancereggaeton,salsa
LabelsSony Mexico,Columbia,Sony Latin

Ricky Martin was born on 24th December 1971 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Ricky Martin father was a psychologist, and ricky was raised in a Roman Catholic household alongside four brothers and one sister. Martin’s parents divorced when Ricky was just two years old.

Ricky Martin young
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Ricky Martin passion for singing started at an early age, and by the age of six, Ricky Martin was singing along to his favorite pop songs – both Latin and English. Ricky’s grandmother was a poet, and he was inspired by her to start writing his own songs.

Ricky Martin career:

By age 9, Ricky Martin began to appear in commercials for soft drinks, toothpaste, and other products. Before the age of 11, he had starred in 11 Puerto Rican commercials. His auditions eventually led him to try out for the Latin boy band Menudo. Although Ricky was only 12 years old, Ricky Martin was accepted into the band after exhibiting his impressive dancing and singing skills.

Ricky Martin modelling
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Ricky Martin soon discovered that the band’s strict management and tiresome schedule were not to his liking, although he loved having the chance to perform on stage. By 1987, record sales began to decline, and two years later Ricky left the group as a 17-year-old.

Because Ricky Martin was still a minor, he didn’t have access to his bank account until Ricky graduated from high school in Puerto Rico. Once he turned 18, Ricky Martin moved to New York City to rest and enjoy the money he had earned during his time in Menudo.

Ricky Martin Biography
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Ricky Martin Telenovela:

Ricky Martin soon moved to Mexico City to take a role in the play Mama Ama el Rock. When Martin was performing on stage, Ricky Martin was noticed by a producer who wanted him to star in a Mexican telenovela. The show focused on a fictional pop group.

Outside of the show, this group eventually released several semi-successful albums and toured throughout Mexico. On the heels of this success, Ricky Martin signed a deal with Sony.

Ricky Martin Singing Career:

His first album with Sony was Ricky Martin, and this marked the beginning of his stylized stage name. The album was successful and prompted a tour throughout Latin America. Ricky Martin later collaborated with Juan Carlos Calderon on his second studio album Me Amaras. In 1994, Ricky Martin moved to Los Angeles to perform in shows such as Getting By and General Hospital.

In 1995, Ricky Martin revitalized his music career and experimented with a fusion of pop and traditional Latin sounds. Ricky Martin third album, A Medio Vivir contained the smash hit “Maria,” which epitomized this new approach to Latin music. The album went on to sell over 3 million copies worldwide. In 1996, he appeared in a Broadway production of Les Miserables.

Ricky Martin fourth album came in 1998 with Vuelve, which was certified platinum and sold over 8 million copies worldwide. In 1998 itself, Martin also wrote a song for the FIFA World Cup and performed during the finals, bringing Latin pop to the attention of the entire world. Ricky Martin later won a Grammy for this album.

In 1999, Ricky Martin career took a major step forward as he transitioned to an English audience for the first time. Ricky Martin self-titled album was released later that year, and it contained the smash hit “Livin’ la Vida Loca.” Madonna also featured on the album.

Ricky Martin performing
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Today, “Livin’ la Vida Loca” is seen as the song which sparked a huge interest in Latin pop for English-speaking audiences. Many believe that with this song, Ricky Martin single-handedly paved the way for artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, and Shakira. The 1999 album went on to sell 15 million copies worldwide, earning a 7 times platinum status.

In 2000, Ricky Martin released the album Sound Loaded, which contained the hit “She Bangs.” The album later went on to sell over 8 million copies, earning a double-platinum status. In 2001, Martin released a greatest hits album called La Historia.

In 2003, he returned to his Latin roots with Almas del Silencio, a Spanish album. Then in 2005, he returned to an English-speaking audience with the album Life.

In 2006, Ricky Martin released his first live album, MTV Unplugged. He then began an ambitious world tour. In 2007, the hardworking singer took a three-year break to focus more on his personal life.

In 2010, Ricky Martin returned with an autobiography entitled Me, and “Lo Mejor de Mi Vida Eres Tu,” a new single featuring Natalia Jimenez. In 2011, he released another album: Musica + Alma + Sexo. This album featured the dance hit “Mas.”

In 2012, Ricky Martin appeared on TV shows Glee and The Voice Australia. After a period of touring, he appeared on The Voice Mexico in 2014 and then toured Mexico. Ricky Martin continued to appear in various broadcasts of The Voice from that point onwards.

In 2015, Ricky Martin released the album A Quien Quiera Esuchar. The album later earned Martin another Grammy Award. After a notable role in 2018’s American Crime Story, Ricky Martin was nominated for an Emmy for the first time. In 2020, Ricky Martin announced that he was working on a new album.

Ricky Martin Partner:

In 2008, Ricky Martin fathered twin boys via a surrogate mother. Although Ricky Martin was in a relationship with Mexican TV host Rebecca de Alba for over a decade, Ricky Martin publically came out as gay in 2010.

Ricky Martin later clarified that he is attracted to both men and women, but only wants to have romantic relationships with men. After dating Jwan Yosef in 2016, the couple married and later had two children together.