Robert Plant Net Worth (March, 2023): Earnings, Age, Height, childrens, Biography

Robert Plant Net Worth: $200 Million

Net Worth:$200 Million
Date of Birth:Aug 20, 1948
Age:74 years
Height:6 ft (1.854 m)
Profession:Singer, Singer-songwriter, Musician, Lyricist

Robert Plant Net Worth is around $200 Million. Robert Plant’s successful career with the band Led Zeppelin is the reason for his net worth.

Robert Plant Net Worth
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He also had a tremendous amount of success in his solo career. The artist has a multi-million dollar home and displays expensive historic cars in his basement as part of his opulent lifestyle. 

Singer, songwriter, and musician Robert Plant is from England. The Led Zeppelin rock band member, who has received seven Grammy awards, is regarded as one of music’s most important figures of all time.

His most notable accomplishments include serving as the lead vocalist and lyricist of the English rock band Led Zeppelin from 1968 to 1980, when the band disbanded as a result of the passing of drummer John Bonham. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inducted him and the group into membership in 1995. 

Robert Plant came in at number 15 on the editors’ list of the top 100 singers of all time compiled by Rolling Stone in 2008. Readers of Rolling Stone selected Plant as the best lead singer ever in 2011. Plant was dubbed the “Greatest Metal Vocalist of All Time” by Hit Parader magazine in 2006. Plant won the title of “the greatest voice in rock” in a Planet Rock poll that year. 

Additionally, Robert Plant was given the title of “Commander of the Order” by the British Empire, and he contributed some of his wealth to the construction of the bronze statue of Owain Glyndr at Pennal Church in Wales (the Welsh Prince). 

You can now see how significant the band’s financial history was, and Robert Plant alone has a net worth of $200 million after 50 years in the music business.

What is Robert Plant Net Worth In 2023 ?:

Robert Plant Net Worth is around $200 Million dollars in March, 2023. Plant, however, didn’t limit himself to the band; he also had a remarkably successful career outside of Zeppelin. 

Robert Plant Net Worth

With the release of fourteen record collections during his solo career, he has increased his net worth by additional millions. The band with the most albums was inducted into the “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame” in 1995. 

At that point, the band had broken records set by “The Beatles” from the 1960s by drawing more than 50,000 people to each play and earning more than $1.5 million in a single night. Well, even after the publication of their final record collection, “Coda,” in 1982, the band continued to sell well and earn millions. 

Robert Plant Car collection:

If this isn’t a rumour, one of his vehicles, a 1965 Aston Martin DB5 priced at $1.8 million, was up for grabs in late 2017. 

Despite having lived for more than 70 years at this point, he still tours the world with his band, “The Sensational Space Shifters,” and he can still draw large crowds to performances just by being there.

Robert Plant Business:

For this reason, two of his businesses—”Trolcharm” and “Sons of Einion” (labels)—are doing quite well, with combined resources totaling more than $37 million. 

The band Led Zeppelin’s reunion was reportedly agreed to for an estimated $800 million in 2014, but rumours quickly spread around the music business that Robert Plant tore up and rejected the deal.

Maybe Plant then just doesn’t think a gathering is necessary. In exchange for 35 performances in three cities, lead musicians Jimmy Page and Richard Branson, owner of Virgin, were promised £190 million apiece. Plant allegedly denied refusing a $800 million reunion tour, according to certain records. 

Led Zeppelin enjoyed a remarkable career and sold more than 300 million albums worldwide. Each of those protracted tours has left the band members financially pleased. Robert Plant, who had a successful career with Led Zeppelin, was named by Rolling Stone in 2011 as the “greatest lead singer of all time.” 

From the late 1960s to the end of the 1970s, Plant had immense success with Led Zeppelin. He created a fascinating persona as the flamboyant rock and roll front man, comparable to that of contemporaries like Freddie Mercury of Queen, Roger Daltrey of the Who, Jim Morrison of the

Doors, and Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. Despite Led Zeppelin’s dissolution in 1980, Plant and Jimmy Page have periodically worked together on numerous projects since then, notably Page and Plant and the ill-fated band The Honeydrippers (with Jeff Beck). 

Robert Plant Biography:

NameRobert Anthony Plant
Birth Place:West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England
Age:74 Years
Date of Birth:20 August 1948
Years active1965–present
Spouse(s)Maureen Wilson​​(m. 1968; div. 1983)​
Musical career
OriginHalesowen, West Midlands, England
GenresRock, blues, folk, countryhard rock, heavy metal
InstrumentsVocals, harmonica
LabelsAtlantic,Swan SongEs ParanzaSanctuary,Mercury,Universal,Rounder,Nonesuch
Formerly ofLed Zeppelin,Band of Joy,The Honeydrippers,Hobbstweedle,Page and Plant,The Strange Sensations

On August 20, 1948, in the English Black Country town of West Bromwich, Staffordshire, Robert Plant was born to mother Annie Celia Plant and father Robert C. Plant, a civil engineer.

Robert Plant Net Worth
Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin performs onstage circa 1980. (Photo by Lester Cohen) (Photo by Lester Cohen/Getty Images)

His educated father participated in World War II as a Royal Air Force pilot.

Along with his younger sister Allison, Robert grew up in the Worcestershire town of Kidderminster. He immediately began pursuing his musical ambitions, modelling them after icons like Elvis Presley. 

Teenage Plant first discovered his love of the blues and started closely following American singers Willie Dixon and Robert Johnson. He chose to get accepted at a college to pursue additional GCE passes after graduating from King Edward VI Grammar School for Boys in Stourbridge. 

Robert joined various bands when he was 16 to indulge his passion for the blues. Robert had also started working at a number of regular places, including Woolworths and Wimpey, both of which were situated in the United Kingdom. 

He played for the English bands “Band of Joy” and “Crawling King Snakes” when he was training to be a performer. 

Plant remarked, “At Christmastime when I was a child, I used to try to imitate Elvis by hiding behind the curtains at home. A ten-year-old would have recognised the atmosphere and sound between the French windows and the drapes. When I was ten years old, that was the only atmosphere I experienced. I have always wished to be somewhat like that “. “My stamp collection and the history of Romani-British people probably piqued my curiosity. I first heard this type of calling when I was a young grammar school student.” 

Robert Plant Career: 

Jimmy Page held an audition for Robert Plant in 1968 to be the lead singer of his band, “The Yardbirds.” Terry Reid recommended him at first for the band, and the search for Page was ultimately successful.

Soon, Plant’s former drummer Bonham joined the group, and Page brought along his friend John Paul Jones to complete the lineup. The New Yardbirds, as the group was soon known, started working on their debut album collection. 

Robert Plant Career

The group had begun playing in Scandinavia when one of “The Yardbirds'” former members sent them a “stop now letter.” The group chose “Led Zeppelin” as their new moniker after deciding to change it earlier. 

The first self-titled album by the 4 band members, “Led Zeppelin,” was released on January 12, 1969, and it helped them establish themselves in the music business, which is particularly known for rock and roll and blues.

Zeppelin managed to earn a positive reputation and fans with the help of the band’s first commercially successful album. The collection was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2004. Led Zeppelin II, the group’s second album, was released in the US on October 22. The album, which was described to as their heaviest compilation, received more favourable reviews because to its more adaptive and mature sounding tunes. Led Zeppelin II’s record did good business, topping charts in the US and UK markets. Robert Plant started to contribute as a lyricist after such a commercially successful album. Led Zeppelin II.

was nominated for a Grammy, outsold sales of 12 million units, and received its initial confirmation as 12 Platinum certification from the RIAA on November 15, 1999. By releasing the live album collection “No Quarter: Jimmy Page & Robert Plant” in 1994, Plant and Page continued to be close friends. In 1995, they embarked on a very successful tour to support the album. After their disastrous 1998 album “Walking into Clarksdale,” which they managed to release together, the duo decided to call it quits. 

Robert Plant childrens: 

Robert Plant first encountered Maureen Wilson in 1966, when he was still struggling as a performer. The two were married on November 9, 1968, two years later. 

Carmen Jane, born in 1968, Karac Pendragon, born in 1972, and Logan Romero born in 1979, were the couple’s three new additions to the family. 

Jesse Lee Wilson was born in 1991 to Robert and Shirley Wilson (the sister of the ex-wife Maureen). 

Plant made a contribution to a community buyout plan to save the Bell Inn, a music venue in Bath, at the beginning of 2013. He is presently a resident in Shatterford, which is close to Bewdley in Worcestershire’s Wyre Forest District. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 Plant provided money for essential medical supplies. The funds were transferred to a small garment business in Kidderminster, England that produces scrubs for neighbourhood hospitals. 

Interesting Facts about Robert Plant: 

# On his father’s advice, Robert Plant began his training to become a chartered accountant, but he gave up after just two weeks. 

# Jimmy Page approached Robert Plant for Led Zeppelin on the third occasion; earlier, he had considered Terry Reid and Steve Marriot for the band’s main role. 

# As the B-side to a 1993 single, Plant includes “8:05” from the debut Moby Grape album; it is also featured on the enhanced reissue of his Fate of Nations album on Rhino Records. When Plant was touring with his pre-Led Zeppelin Band of Joy in the years 1967–1968, he gave a live performance of “Hey Grandma,” which is also from the debut Moby Grape album. Plant covers Spence’s “Little Hands” on the 2003 compilation Sixty Six to Timbuktu, along with “Naked If I Want To,” another track from the debut Moby Grape album. 

# The majority of the songs that Plant sang were covers, including “Going to California” and “In My Time of Dying” by Led Zeppelin, “Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)” by The Everly Brothers, “Don’t” by Elvis Presley, “No Regrets” by Tom Rush, “Nothin'” by Townes Van Zandt, and “Little Maggie” and “Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down” by traditionalists 

# In 2007, Robert Plant received the “Beard Liberation Front” award for having the best beard of the year. 

# Elvis Presley was a big influence on Robert Plant. Following the band’s success, Robert Plant and Elvis Presley became good friends. They frequently hung out together, and Presley once made fun of Plant for not having the band’s own plane.

# When Robert Plant was named one of National Public Radio’s “50 extraordinary voices,” his global impact became history (NPR). 

# Robert Plant received the “best chest in rock” award, which Rock Scene Magazine named “Chest O Rama.”