Russ Weiner Net Worth: Interesting Facts, Earnings, House, Age, Height, Biography

Russ Weiner Net Worth:$4 Billion (approx.)

Net Worth:$4 Billion (approx.)
Date of Birth:1970
Nationality:United States of America

Russell aka “Russ” Weiner is an entrepreneur. Russell Weiner net worth is $4 billion

Russ Weiner Net Worth
Russ Weiner (Photo by Ethan Pines/Forbes Collection/Corbis via Getty Images)

Russ Weiner owned 85% of Rockstar, with his mother Janet – an early investor and longtime CFO owning the remaining 15%. Russ first officially hit billionaire status in 2014 when Rockstar earned a valuation $1.8 billion.

Russell Weiner net worth is $4 billion in 2022. Russell Weiner earned his net worth by being the founder, creator and CEO of the Rockstar Energy Drink company.

Currently, Rockstar is the third most-consumed energy drink in the United States with annual sales north of $800 million. Rockstar is number 3 behind Monster and Red Bull. In March 2020, Rockstar was acquired in full by Pepsico for $3.85 billion in cash.

In 2016, Russell Weiner entered the Forbes list of the 500 richest Americans at position 494, with an estimated worth of 3.4 billion dollars.

Russ Weiner House:

Russell Weiner sold his Palm Island Miami mansion to rapper Birdman for $14.5 million in 2012. Russell Weiner bought the house out of foreclosure from financially-troubled music producer Scott Storch. Weiner bought it for $6.75 million in 2010. Russ flipped it two years later to Birdman for $14.5 million, more than doubling his original investment.

Birdman attempted to sell the home in 2018 for $20 million. He ultimately had to accept a $10.9 million offer in November 2020.

In 2013 Russell Weiner spent $10 million to buy a beachfront home in Hermosa Beach, California. Russell Weiner ultimately sold for $14.3 million for this property.

In September 2019 Russ purchased a 12,500 square-foot mansion for in the Hollywood Hills $16.5. Russell Weiner seems to have a liking for mansions at rock-bottom prices, because this house had actually been bought three years prior for $27 million.

At the time of purchase Russell Weiner owned at least four other Los Angeles homes including TWO estates in the ultra-exclusive guarded area of Beverly Park. He purchased his first Beverly Park mansion for $15 million in 2007 and the second for $18.6 million in 2015. He also owns Madonna’s former Sunset Boulevard compound which he also bought in 2015 for $19 million.

Russell Weiner has also engaged in the real estate industry by buying and selling houses. In 2006, he bought the West Hollywood home of basketball player Carlos Boozer for $10 million. In 2008, he listed his home there for under $3 million (originally nearly $15 million based on replacement costs) and sold it for $8 million in 2009. Weiner lives in Delray Beach, Florida.

Adding all the properties, Russ Weiner’s current real estate portfolio should not be worth less than $150 million.

Russ Weiner Biography:

Born1970 (age 51–52)
United States
EducationRedwood High School
Alma materSan Diego State University
OccupationFounder, Rockstar energy drink
Parent(s)Michael Savage (father)

Russell Weiner was born in 1970 and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Russ Weiner’s father was a famous conservative radio personality and talk radio host named Michael Michael Savage.

Russell Weiner Biography
(Photo by Ethan Pines/Forbes Collection/Corbis via Getty Images)

Russell graduated from Redwood High School in Larkspur, California and graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in political science. Russell organized events for the Paul Revere Society and worked as a travel consultant

Prior to founding Rockstar,Russell Weiner landed a business development position at Skyy Vodka after randomly meeting company founder Maurice Kanbar.

After a year at Skyy, Russell Weiner quit to start Rockstar. Russell Weiner mortgaged his condo in Sausalito, California to raise his $50,000 startup costs. Rockstar’s major innovation was simple: A bigger can. Weiner had always been frustrated by the fact that Red Bull only came in 8 ounce cans.

Weiner is the son of Michael Weiner, better known as conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage, and Janet Weiner. He is Jewish.

After testing more than 700 variations of the future drink, the final formula was chosen and Rockstar’s cans hit the shelves with roughly double the liquid volume of a Red Bull.

With his father, Russell Weiner co-founded the Paul Revere Society. In 1998, Russell Weiner ran as a Republican for the 6th district seat in the California State Assembly, receiving an endorsement from the president of the NAACP branch in Oakland, California.

In June 1998, Russell Weiner won the Republican primary election by five votes.Among his campaign issues included advocacy for Proposition 227, the ballot initiative eliminating bilingual education in public schools, and protection of old-growth forests.

Receiving 13.3% of the vote, Russell Weiner lost to incumbent Democrat Kerry Mazzoni. After he lost the election, election posters depicting him were vandalized in an anti-Semitic manner.

In 2009, Russell Weiner donated $25,000 to the California gubernatorial campaign of Gavin Newsom, who was the Democratic mayor of San Francisco. Newsom returned the donation and Weiner gave it to charity.